Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Delicious Grace of Childhood

"The Things Which the Child Loves remain in the domain of the Heart until old age. The Most Beautiful thing in Life is that our Souls remaining over the Places where we once Enjoyed Ourselves" ~Kahil Gibran
The Delicious Grace

Friday, August 18, 2006

This child's recall never ceases to amaze me....

This child's recall never ceases to amaze....

Emma Sage remembers everything [which can be a double edge sword at times], she truly must be part elephant [as they say an Elephant never forgets....and if you happen to be Horton the Elephant, you are loyal 100%!]

Today, she comes up to me and very seriously says "Mommy, you no go on an airplane and leave me again." as a statement, not a question. So I tell Emma Sage that I'm not planning on going on an airplane anytime soon.

Then this evening, she says "My Daddy don't like me" ...........again, as a statement not a question [Daddy has been away on a trip, so I'm very curious as to why she is telling me this, as Emma Sage is such a Daddy's Girl. She then proceeds to say "My Daddy don't like me,,,,,,he ate all my yellow ice pops!"......I almost fell over laughing ~ as you see, it was over a month ago that Emma Sage had Tropicana Yellow Fruit Pops, and yes, her Daddy did eat her last pop, but for her to recall it today just amazed me. So guess where we went....down to the A&P and bought a box of Tropicana Fruit pops.

When I told Rick on the phone tonight, he cracked up. Then he said "You need to write to that company and tell them to make a box of just 'YELLOW' which is tropical fruit. Then his little girl won't think her Daddy doesn't like her by eating a yellow pop!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Mommy What's This?"

I've been busy getting ready for the upcoming school year. I've always 'co-schooled' the older three, bridging the gap of what they learn in school and what I believe they should know. I have also been collecting all the material I will be using for Emma Sage for Kindergarten as we venture into the realm of 'pure homeschooling'. **Watch our homeschool blog for an update of our curriculum and our daily lesson plans and of coarse what my silly little Emma Sage is up to!**

So this is what just transpired in the living room:

Emma Sage, holding up a huge Dorling Kindersley Dictionary......."Mommy, What's this?" she asks.

"It's a Dictionary" I reply

"Oh, I love dictionary's" is Emma Sage's response...."I love dictionary's so

Next big book, twice the size.......

"Mommy What's this, a dictionary?" asks Emma Sage

"No, honey that is an encyclopedia" I reply

"I no like pedia's,,,,they too heavy!" says Emma Sage

I just laugh! This kid just cracks me up!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Momma Says Om

Momma Says Om's weekly theme is: Laugh

My creation

Laughter is the one sound that I cherish more than anything......everyday my hopes and dreams is for my home to be filled with as much or more laughter than the day before.

Emma Sage has a laugh that is infectious.....once she starts laughing it isn't long before we are all laughing along.

As e.e. Cummings said ~ "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."

So today,,,,stop and laugh a little......cause if you laugh a little, chances are, you'll laugh a lot!

A little addition to this thread.....if you read the comments, my dear friend Betsy, pointed out a silly thing a nurse told her about her newborn child who happens to be blessed with a little extra [just like Emma Sage] about her child not being able to giggle like other children, but that she will just smile quietly.............

Check out this delightful laugh of Meg on a Swing! [click the start arrow twice]

Monday, August 14, 2006

2006 MTV Movie Awards - Gnarls Barkley

Emma Sage is just too funny.....this is one of her favorite songs these days, and when she hears it come on the radio she just stops what she is doing and belts out the song along with Gnarls.....BUT she changes the lyric's to....."My Momma's Crazy"...oh yeah, My Momma's Crazy".....Emma Sage thinks she is funny, and if you sing the song back to her "I think your crazy" she stops and says "NO,,,,My Momma's Crazy!"

Can you believe she is only five years old and teasing her Momma so....what, oh, what am I going to do when she hits her teenage years!!!!

Each Day is a Masterpiece

"A Life well lived is simply a compilation of Days Well Spent." ~Douglas Pagels

Some images of our recent days well spent!

Giving the cows a bath
Watching the cows take a bath......of coarse you must do this wearing a 'TUTU'

Otto, my hard worker
Hard work is good for the Body and is Miss Emma Sage making sure her brother is doing a good job!

'Chi' by the hay wagon
Everyday take a moment to meditate and Emma Sage is doing 'Chi' by the haywagon

Sitting in the middle of the barn
Sitting in the middle of a cow barn is always a great way to spend some quiet time reflecting and playing in straw.

Making a new friend
Making a new friend....both the little boy and the cows.....this little girl has an amazing gift to befriend everyone and thing she meets!!! What an awesome feeling as a mother to watch her just embrace life and others.

Lost in thought in the Dairy Barn
Lost in tought in the Dairy Barn.......we went to help our cousins at the New Jeresey State 4H Dairy Show.....I just love this picture, as it captures moments of little Miss when she is just quietly reflecting and I get lost looking into her precious face and sparkling eyes.

Oh, this child just makes us laugh....

Yesterday, on the way to the Emergency Room, Katrina was talking to Emma Sage during the car ride....after asking her a few questions and not getting a response, she says a bit louder "Emma Sage" which comes a reply for my sweet little nymph.

"Nini, I hear you......I just can't talk!" lol!!!

Her mouth hurt so much and earlier she told me that she didnt' want to talk, but I guess we forgot to inform Katrina!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Momma Says Om's weekly theme [last week, yes, I'm a week behind as today is officially Monday, although I haven't yet slept for Sunday night] was CAMP.

I wrote some of my thoughts and memories on CAMP, past, present and future, but alas, they are in my notebook and that is locked in the car with my satchel, as we just returned from an emergency room visit [Little Miss is OK, and she had every doctor, nurse, administrator wrapped around her little fingers] tie my over till I can get the book [yes, I'm lazy and just don't want to walk outside in the cold [yes cold] to get it.....

Here is a picture of Sir Otto and his princess sister, Emma Sage camping this week. Oh, and I hope you all, in the NorthEast got to catch a glimpse of the Perseids meteor showers?!?....what an incredible vision in the night sky,,,,look northeast and you should beable to capture a glimpse of some meteors over the next few days.....we have been sitting watching, and Emma Sage thinks it is the coolest thing [except when a plane flies over she thinks they are meteors now too!].

Vinegar & Honey

I've had my trials and troubles.
The Lord has given me both vinegar
and honey, but He has given me
the vinegar with a teaspoon
and the honey with a ladle.
~Attributed to William Bray

So many things have been happening of late.....
Summer is swiftly making her appearance, and we are trying to take advantage of all the season has to offer. Our 'Honey' days have been quite delightful. We have been swimming, catching butterflies and grasshoppers, Toads and frogs....and even a big old praymantis.
We have made it a point to go fishin' as often as possible, even if it means eating a Rita's Mango water ice and using our bamboo fishing net [thank you Miss Emily] and just relaxing at the waters edge and pretending to really be fishin' [don't tell Miss Emma Sage it is pretend as she tries real hard to catch the little minnows and sometimes she is successful!]
Mamie was up visiting at my sisters, so we had a lovely dinner with family this week. 'Heaps of Honey'
'Honey'.....Katrina had a 17th Birthday camp-out [with magnificant weather and friends]....and 'Vinegar' she failed her driving test so we had some tears and sad moments to work through.
'Honey'.......Otto has a summer job that he has been busy working at our neighbors farm.....he is helping his cousins at the New Jersey State Dairy 4H show this week....'honey, honey, honey'
'Honey'......Greta is visiting her cousin's in East Aurora, NY with her Aunt Heidi, as she can not join us in two weeks for ToyFest as high school Field Hockey starts and she can't miss 'vinegar' we will miss her dearly on our trip, but are so glad she is having a blast right now without us!
'Honey'.....Emma Sage has been such a delightful little girl.....everyday is such a celebration with this much so, that tonight at the fairgrounds I was quite shocked to realize the child was is great pain and had an abscessed tooth/gum and we ended up spending the evening in the Emergency Room 'Vinegar'....but she has been treated and is sleeping like a little fawn right now and I'm going to go join her as it is very late.
I have some amazing pictures of the children in all their activities that we have been doing, but they will have to wait to be uploaded, as 'vinegar'...I'm one tired Momma right now, so my wish for you all is Sweet dreams........

Friday, August 11, 2006

Emma Sage's Cousin to be......

Here is a photograph I took yesterday of my sister's beautiful belly and Emma Sage's cousin-to-be.

My sister lost a beautiful little baby boy last September,,,,Griffin Patrick who was born still......he was perfect, beautiful and so very much loved.

This is my sister and her magnificant belly with new little one-to-be........we look forward to welcoming you, sweet little one, into our world in a few months time.

My creation

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Times Square......

Times Square......

Well my clicking obsession has ended, as I got word from some friends that they got that e-mail I was hoping for.......sadly, Miss Emma Sage will not grace the big screen this year,,,,,but I have heard from a bunch of friends already that their precious ones will be there, larger-than-life, and we will be there cheering them on [and taking still pictures of their big moment on the big screen].

Here are two pretend images [the one of Greta and Emma Sage that I submitted to this years contest] up in lights on the big screens of Time Square. Maybe next year will we be chosen.......but never-the-less, this Momma will be taking pictures of life with Emma Sage every day and we'll see what we come up with for next May to submit for the 2007 Times Square Video.

If your child was chosen and you would like to celebrate here...please do....and let us know what number postion they will be listed in [you will get that closer to the date] and we will be ready with our camera to snap a picture and I'll post them here on the blog with our photographs from the big New York City Buddy Walk.....and if you precious one made it and your are planning on traveling to NYC to see for youself how truly amazing the video is watched up on the big screen, let us know and we would love to meet up with you in Times Square and walk through Central Park together [we are also trying to plan a picnic gathering]

Congratulations to all that were chosen....and leave us a comment and let us know who you are!!!!
My creation

My creation

The Hunterdon Review

This is a page from one of our local weekly community newspapers [and actually the only news paper I read these days,,,,except for an occassional Sunday NY Times]....called the Hunterdon Review.

Look and see if you can spot someone you know?


and guess where they caught little Miss.....Yup, you guessed it,,,at Rita's getting her beloved Mango water ice.

How do you cool off in the summer?

The last few days....

The Last Few Days have been glorious weather here in the north, light breeze,,,,beautiful sunshine and big puffy we have been spending a lot of time looking up and using our imaginations. I just get a kick out of some of the things the children come up with....the boys tend to see dinosaurs, sharks and fire trucks,,,,,where the girls, including Miss Emma Sage, are finding butterflies, dragons, hearts, cotton candy.

Here is one image I took of the incredible skies.


Do remember spending lazy summer days looking at clouds?

What do you see in the above image?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

If You Give A Child an Appropriate Education

There is a new Down syndrome Group list that I am a member of. It is located here: Down syndrome Info Exchange and it is developing into an amazing resource. I'm not an active poster, just as on the DSLISTSERV, but I am always reading and researching and this list has been just a delight for this Momma who loves to do just that, read and research!

This was just posted and it stuck such a cord with me....Emma Sage just loves, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" and this version is truly inspiring for those of us who have children that sometimes are not given the most appropriate education.

If You Give a Child An Appropriate Education - by Lori Miller Fox

One of my daughter's favorite books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff, inspired the following posting:

If you give a child an appropriate education,

he's going to ask for opportunities.

When you give him the opportunities,

he'll probably ask you for support.

When he works very hard, he'll ask for recognition.

Then he'll want to look at his accomplishments

and make sure he isn't


When he looks at his accomplishments,

he might notice he doesn't have many friends.

So he'll probably ask

for a group to fit in with.

When he's finished getting comfortable,

he'll want some friends to help him have fun.

He'll start playing.

He might get carried away and

play with every child in his class.

He may even end up making a playdate!

When he's done,

he'll probably smile.

You'll have to get him back to his school work

with coaxing and encouragement.

He'll refocus,

concentrate on school work

and smile a few more times.

He'll probably ask you to challenge him more.

So you'll rewrite the goals on his IEP,

and he'll ask to do more and more.

When he does more and more,

he'll get so excited he'll want to do

harder things. He'll ask for you to believe in him.

He'll try his best.

When he's done,

he'll surprise you

with accomplishments.

Then he'll want to know

he has approval.

Which means he'll need


He'll look for acceptance in your eyes

and stand back to find it.

Seeing your acceptance

will remind him that

he's the same as everybody else.


he'll ask for opportunities.

And chances are if he aks for


he's going to need further education to make the most of them.

Posted by LoriFox on November 28, 2005 at 07:00 AM

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Have a Confession to Make.....

I must admit......

I have a confession to make......I have become a [check the e-mail junkie] over the last week....checking to see if we got a letter from the National Down syndrome Society telling us if our photograph that we submitted, was chosen for the Times Square Video.

The addiction is so bad, that I have run to the computer four [make that five] times, click, click goes that mouse to 'receive mail' and then I eagerly await the inbox to fill up.....sadly it has not filled up the letter I have been wishing for, but with junk mail [why, oh, why do I get 8 e-mails a day selling me a 'real' Rolex watch or a way to increase my sexual power?].....and if anyone knows how to filter out said junk mail, that would be great.

So I confess....I am anxious. I know that over 2000 photographs were submitted,,,,and for me [this photography obsessed Momma] my focus has been on Emma Sage, but more importantly, on finding the best image I have captured to submit to this amazing video that radiates the spirit of my sweet little girl.

This is our fourth year of submitting.....we have been chosen once, and what a thrill it was. Watching my little girl in Times Square on the big screen was truly a magical day.....being surrounded by many of our family and friends made it even more of a special event. But the other year [last year we sadly missed the New York City Buddy Walk due to the death of my nephew, Griffin Patrick] but the years before that Emma Sage was not in the video were as special....because to me, every single picture brought such joy to my heart.

The biggest thing for me, if we are chosen, is the opportunity to alert all the local news media and get an article written on awareness.....that is the main reason I have submitted Emma Sage's photograph,,,,to have a lead-in to getting our local community papers to write a positive article on Down syndrome to raise community awareness.

So I confess........I am an e-mail checking junkie,,,,,,and if you happen to know if they already sent out the offical notice to those chosen, could you let me know, so I can finally kick this obsession I have suddenly developed! ;)

Family and friends walking through Central Park
Emma Sage fast asleep from our busy New York City Buddy Walk in 2004

Emma Sage perched up on her Uncle Mikey's shoulders, smack in the middle of Times Square wathcing the Buddy Walk video [and she was just so excited when she saw herself up on the big screen.]

Monday, August 07, 2006

Shattering a Stereotype

An article in today's TorontoSun

Shattering A Stereotype
Independent, well-spoken advocate has Down syndrome


A wonderful article that inspires me to make sure that my daughter is raised just as Andreas Prinz [the advocate highlighted in the article] was by his have her realize that........
"He was the centre of her life and she made him feel he could do anything he wanted to do,"

I hope you take the time to click on the above link and read this wonderful article about a very inspiring young man.

Mama Says Om: Simple

Mama Says Om: Simple
Originally uploaded by Wannabe Hippie.
These are the highlighted photographs from Momma Says Om's theme of: Simple

I'm so very excited to see my image of Miss Emma Sage fishing as part of the collection.

If you have not yet checked out 'Momma Says Om' really should....the images, the drawings,,,,the reflections of what the theme topic means to different Momma's is truly amazing and inspiring.

This weeks theme is: to go work on my thoughts and ideas!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Summer Bliss

My creation

Indy's Child

As you might recall, I had a post about the July cover of Indy's child and a headline and editorial that clashed with the beautiful image on the cover and the thoughtless comments of the editorial and how it impacts parents who happen to be blessed with a child with Down syndrome.

Here is their response in the lastest hat is tipped to the editorsl and publishers of Indy's child. They did the right thing and I am so relieved to know that this was one of those horrible things that just should not have happened.

Publisher's Note Sometimes Good Intentions Falter

We Apologize---------------------------------August 01, 2006 -

It was the good intentions of Indy's Child to donate the cover of our publication to Kelly's Upside Down Ball and the Indiana Down syndrome Foundation as a fundraiser for their many worthwhile endeavors. The IndianaDown syndrome Foundation is a worthy organization and has a membership of 2,000 advocates. They had cause to e-mail their disappointment for our orientation of the July cover. The picture was excellent and showed the summer joys children with Down syndrome share with their family and friends. That was the message and feeling that Indy's Child intended to share with our readers but we inadvertently faltered. It was our maternity issue and there was a featured article on prenatal testing and the headline: "Understanding the Results is Key for Prenatal Screening Tests" was on the cover. Neither the author nor our paper meant to hurt the loving families of any children. The response to the indiscretion was the largest in our history! Hundreds of e-mails and letters to the editor were immediately received. The families who are raising these special children were very hurt by the inference in the July article that early detection of birth disorders gives the mothers-to-be options. This was inadvertent and our author intended to suggest that it gives families time to understand and prepare for the care of children with disabilities. We never meant to hurt anyone who loves children and we want to reaffirm that Indy's Child mission is to serve all children in a positive way. We met with the concerned families and representatives of the Indiana Down syndrome Foundation on July 12th to apologize and ask how we could work together in a positive way. They were enthusiastic about partnering with us and did accept our apology. The Foundation has a dedicated executive director, Cindy Busch. She wrote an excellent article for us this past March. She is caring and creative and has an active Board of Directors that helps the organization with at least six main activities each year. The group of advocates meeting with us included the parents of all of the children on the cover. To each of them, we apologize and say once again, we did not intend to offend you or your families. We thank you for caring so much and look forward to helping you in all you endeavors to provide the best opportunities for your children.---------------------------------Barbara Wynne is the founding publisher of Indy's Child Magazine.


Talking on the cell phone
Sequester.......that is exactly what Emma Sage did yesterday to her sister's cell phone. Since Greta was going on the river to water ski, her cell phone was left behind in its charging cradle.....until Emma Sage noticed it there and then quess who sequestered that cell phone and carried it with her all day!?!

Poor Daddy, as Emma Sage knows that if you hold in get your Daddy on the phone, so she took great delight in calling Daddy all day long.

This picture was taken in the middle of my trying to capture an image for the 'Theme' competion and then phone rang....Emma Sage proceeded to take it out of her jean-jacket pocket and answer it, all while in the middle of a grass field....and then just chatted away, forgetting the reason her silly Momma had her plum in the middle of the field with a camera attached to her face!!!! Then to top things off....I ran out of memory space!!!! Oh, well,,,,,,,,some calls are more important than Mommy playing at photography.

Boots in August?

Inspiration 4
After the sweltering heat of the last few weeks, yesterday morning we awoke to a cold delightfully delicious the dry, cool air felt. Little Miss Emma Sage noticed the difference right away and began to dance about....when we got dressed she refused to put her 'flip-flop' sandles on and insisted that it was cold and she must wear her boots.........

Who could refuse a silly request like that.....ah, to be a child again!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lost in thought.....

Lost in thought
I took this today as a entry for the 'Theme Competion Babies & Children' at theme is 'Inspried By'.........and this was the image by an amazing photographer named NicholeVan that I gathered my inspiration from.

Oh my goodness,,,,this child is wise beyond her years.

OK....please be forewarned....this is of personal nature [female personal nature]

Today it was just Emma Sage and I. Katrina is still in Ireland and Otto & Greta went waterskiing with my sister [Aunt Patti] & family.

We were at a store, when Emma Sage announced to me that she had to go potty. We headed to the bathroom and I stood watch while she proceeded to get ready to go......

as she pulled down her panties, out drops a folded up square of tissue paper. Emma Sage acts surprised and says "Oh no, my period"

I almost fell to the floor of the bathroom laughing so hard.

Earlier in the day at home my little girl must have pretended she had her period and proceeded to make a sanitary napkin out of tissue paper.

I guess I can take this as a sign that when she does mature into a woman, she will be an old pro at preparing for the event! lol!!!!

We got Tagged.....

Our friends Tristan and Paige both tagged Emma guess what?!? We are it!!!!!

This Momma finally got around to sitting her little social butterfly down for an interview and asking the 'hard questions!'

Now mind you, Emma Sage is standing right here and answering these questions,,,,,so they might be quite silly, actually, make that they are quite silly!!!!

Three things that scare me: Loud noises, Hocus Pocus [the movie], Cows "laughing at me....she thinks this is funny"

Three people that make me laugh: Greta, Michael from Modeling, Nini

Three things I love: My Mommy, Greta [going over to Greta and giving her a hug] and My Daddy

Three things I dislike: the dark room, brushing my hair, and ants [she freaks out when an ant crawls on her]

Three things I don't understand: Cry, when kids cry [she came up with this all on her own...awe!], TV, German [laughing, she is being so silly, she said her friend is from Ireland and she doesn't understand her German! lol!!!]

Three things on the floor: magazine, pillow, rug

Three things I'm doing right now: Playing with Greta, talking to Mommy, dancing around shaking her 'booty'......what a silly little girl.

Three things I can't do: Backflip [even though she tries and tries], tie her shoes, when she clicks off of and can't get back on.....she comes running to one of us say, in the saddest voice, "I can't do it....I can't do it!"

Three things that best describe my personality: Loving, silly, robot [Ok,,,,,I told you, she is answering these herself!].......Greta would like to add that she is funny, flexible, happy and so very, very sweet.

Three things you should listen to: The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow [from Annie, her favorite movie], crickets and the wind

Three favorite foods: Chicken & Broccoli, French Fries & Ketchup, Mango's

Three shows I watch on occasion: Elmo's World, Annie, Hocus Pocus [yes, she is also scared of this show that she loves!!!!]

And now...........................Emma Sage is tagging her littlest cousin, Miss Livija Diane

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sweet girl and her kitty

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."~Thich Nhat Hanh

Momma Says Om

Momma Says Om's Weekly theme is: Simplicity

I just love all the thoughts and images that others submit to this amazing weekly theme. I missed the last theme of 'Whimsy', and you all know my photographs and how much whimsy is a central theme.

This weeks teme is: Simplicity and here is my image and a quote to reflect my thoughts on simplicity. In light of the last few weeks, one of the main thoughts running through my mind is the beauty of life and the blessings that abound each live simply and marval in everything that is around us.....a crimson sunset, the moon, the stars, a flower, a ladybug, a butterfly dancing from flower to flower....children splashing in the pool, laughing and giggling.....a hammock.....a large glass of freshly made lemonade....the smell of a peach pie baking....these are a few of the simple things of life I surrounded myself with today. I think I will try to do the same tomorrow

Fishing in B&W

To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter... to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird's nest or a wildflower in spring - these are some of the rewards of the simple life. ~John Burroughs

Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God." ~George Washington Carver

I love it.....

"I love it!"..........."I love it so much!"

Those are the most common words we hear these little Miss Emma Sage just 'loves' everything....whether it is her favorite foods, games, books, moments....she just has to let us know how happy she is and how much 'I love it...I love it so much!'

So it was quite funny today when I had asked to her to stop doing something and behave in a proper manner.....she looks at me and says "I don't like you"...........which I just smiled back at her and said "That's OK honey, you don't have to like me, but you do have to do what I asked you to." which she paused a moment and then followed my request. As soon as she had completed her task she must have realized her hurtful words earlier and she runs over to me and says as she is grabbing at my legs "I love you so much!"

Awe.....just the words a Momma loves to hear!

"Who Me????.......What do you Mean?....Do you think I could have told my Momma, 'I didn't like her?" got it all wrong...not me,,,no not ever! lol!!!! By the way, Emma Sage can be as ornery as the best of them!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Gift of Sisterhood

"She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. She is your sister!"

Festival of Lughnasa

Celtic Crosses
Originally uploaded by aorr.

The Festival of Lughnasa is celebrated on August 1st in the Celtic tradition as the first havest of the season, as a reflection of the human cycle of birth and death. Lughnasa is primarily a festival of transition and thus presents a wonderful opportunity to consider how our lives have changed in the recent past. So, in light of the last few weeks of life here in our little Hamlet, I wanted to spend a moment reflecting in thoughts and photographs.


I got to meet a dear online friend, Christine and her absolutely precious son, Brady in Utah. This was truly a celebration of friendship, brought together by the gifts of children that came to us blessed with a little extra [chromosome that is!].


We got to spend a weekend with friends [another set of online friends who entered our lives because of that magical extra 21]....this was one of those totally unexpected but absolutely delightful moments in life......


We celebrated the marriage of Uncle Ed and Aunt Sveltlana......a celebration of life that makes hearts soar at the memory of sharing vow's so many years ago.....and you look towards the newlyweds and wish them a lifetime of beautiful moments and memories.

Ready for take-off....

We celebrated the births of two of my angels......Katrina is now 17 and Greta is 15.

Katrina went to North Carolina for a week at the beach in the OuterBanks,,,,Katrina went to Maine for a week on a lake...and now she is in Ireland with Nana and Uncle Mikey, Aunt Victoria, Ronan and Rori visiting family and attending a wedding.....again, one of life's phases that is so worthy of celebrating.


I attended my 25th High School Reunion and had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends from so long ago. My dear friend Annette just wrote a post about friendship, and while I was reading it, it brought me back to this evening, as these were friends that shared that very important time in my life,,,high school....a time to grow and learn and spread our returning 25 years later was truly magical as it was so refreshing to see the life journey's all of our classmates are on......truly a life phase that is so worthy of celebrating.

Sweetness one B&W

We said of the saddest of life's phases, but one that, while it brings great sadness, there is also a time of celebrating the life and love of the one who has passed. The most incredible thing for me this last week is the 'Like Father, Like Son'.....first it was Rick [Daddy] whose bestfriend lost his father.....and then a week later Otto [Son] is moving through the same experience of being there for his bestfriend. 84 and 37.......It seems like worlds apart, but the saddness at the loss is the same. Today as I gave Otto a kiss as he was heading out with his Uncle Carl for the wake, I couldn't keep the tears at little man, so strong,,,so vulnerable, leaving to stand besides his bestfriend at such a sad event. This is another of life's phases that as hard as it is, need to celebrate the glory of life

and fishing.....

Old fashion fishing stick....
We are going to spend many more days this summer fishing.

Here is the poem on the Mass Card for Walter...of coarse you know I cried my eyes out when I read perfect a thought for such an amazing man.

God Grant me that I may live to fish until my dying day and when it comes to my last task, I most humbly pray, that in the Lord's safe handling net I'm peacefully asleep. In His mercy that I be judged big enough to keep.

So today,,,,everyday, remember that each of life's phases is worthy of celebration!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Sweet little Sage.....

Emma Sage truly is a Sage.....

Otto and I were sitting talking about Will and how to be a good friend to him over the next few days, weeks and years. Emma Sage just sat and watched us talking,,,crying,,,,hugging.

Then Rick took Otto off with him to go to his cousin's, so Otto and Michael and visit and work through this loss of both of their bestfriends father. [Weird, I know, but the four of these boys are just like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn X2......romping around the words,,,building forts,,,fishing,,,playing,,,,,just being boys!] so the two of them really needed to be with each other since they haven't been able to see Walt and Will yet.

After they left, Emma Sage and I were reading a book [it is nap time] and she said to me 'Daddy die?'.......which I replied, "No, your Daddy didn't die, Will, Walt and Stephanie's Daddy died"

"Oh" was her reply....looking at the book sitting on my lap now.

"Mommy, Wills Daddy die like Nanny McPhee?" asks Emma Sage

Me...."Well,,,,yes, like the Mommy in Nanny McPhee died, so did Will's Daddy"

a pause......

and then "Oh, Mommy I'm so sad................I want to cry" and Emma Sage gets up, walks away to the porch. grabs her kitty Nona and sits down and starts to cry.

My heart broke again.

But I realize that she understands this life process [or at least has a crasp of what it might mean]

After a bit she gets up and comes back to me and gives me a kiss and a hug and says......"I'm better, now can you read the book?" be a child......where life is truly in the here and now.

With such a heavy heart.......


My delight and thy delight Walking, like two angels white, (Robert Bridges (1844-1930), British poet

Today has been a difficult day for me as a Mother and a friend.

One of Otto's dear friends father passed away. I'm still in shock.

Otto was over Will's house playing with Will and their other best buddy Aaron last Wednesday....I sat and visited with Tina for a bit, while Emma Sage and Stephanie [Will's little sister] played. They were getting ready to head out on a family vacation on Thursday. Otto's cousin Michael, is bestfriends with Will's older brother, Walt. They live across the lane from Ricks' cousin, so besides the children being friends, we as adults have become friends from all the cookouts and smore-making over the last few years.

Walter Gonsiweski passed away in his sleep on the first night of their vacation. At this point, it looks like natural causes, but what exactly is natural for a 38 year old is beyond me.

I am going to be providing childcare for Stephanie in the all of this is surreal to me at the moment. My head is dizzy just trying to comprehend this very sad loss,,,of a son, a father, a husband, a friend.....

and earlier this week, a dear online friend of mine, Shawn's Mother passed on in Peace after a couragous battle with cancer.

Between these two events and the funeral last week, if I'm not on blogging for a while, please understand that we've just 'Gone Fishin'....something that Walt loved to do more than anything, is to go fishing with his father and his sons.

We are going to do some fishin' this week in the memory of Walter J. Gonsiweski........Shawn's Mother Dorothy,,,,and Peter T. Brown

Rest in Peace............Rest in Peace.