Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Star Shines Brightly.....Two stars that is....

Emma Sage just loves to model and this past year has been filled with many exciting modeling opportunities [9 to date] and one of the photoshoots she did this winter is in the current Toys R Us snailmail catalog that arrived in the mail over the last week or so. Of coarse this Momma doesn't get the catalogs [I know, bad Momma...but I did call and get put on the mailing list this week,,,but unfortunately it takes 8 to 12 weeks].

My friend Laura e-mailed me these digital pictures of her catalog, because her Sweet little guy, Ryan is on page 36!!!!

Two Bright Shinning Stars......Emma Sage is on page 40 and Sir Ryan is on page 36!


and Ryan


We are hoping 2006 brings with it this wonderful opportunity to model, as Emma Sage just adores the whole process from start to finish!

If you happen to get the mailing and would like to share yours with us, we would love it, as I would like to give copies of the catalog to Emma Sage's Great-grandmothers[2], grandmothers[2] and Aunts and Uncles[a bunch!!!]

Just drop me a comment and I'll e-mail you my address.

Friday, April 28, 2006

More Tulips 06 021

More Tulips 06 021
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This was taken by a friend, who also happens to be blessed with a little girl who is sporting an extra chromosome on her 21st most favorite color pink,,,and my favorite flower, tulips and the reference to 'Welcome to Holland'....Just perfect in my eyes!!!

Stuff Portraits Friday.....

I found this amazing blog called, Random and Odd, and of coarse I loved the title [since I'm quite Random and Odd] and come to find the owner is an amazing woman/mother/lover/friend who has a passion for photography as I do.

So here is my first attempt at her weekly theme, Stuff Portraits Friday.

1. Something Big
Laying on the ground
Laying down in the peach orchard, checking out the view of a cricket.......and the view is BIG!

2. Something Small
Sweet child walking alone
A child walking alone in the orchard............she looks so small amongst the trees.

3. Half of Something
Half of my children.

OK, so this was my first week I'll get the list on Monday and really be creative!

"So what are you saying?"....that I'm too much of a pig? The mean goose who made my baby cry! Posted by Picasa

'Uncle Louie' your the best! Posted by Picasa

"OK, Uncle Louie.....I'll try it with you"......if you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know that the white snow goose is named 'Uncle Louie' and he is the sweets [or she, I have no clue on how to tell a goose from a gander] but s/he is patient and gentle with the children and waits for them to feed him.  Posted by Picasa

.....and as you can see,,,,,the goose stole the whole darn piece, making Miss Emma Sage cry. Shoooo Goose....Shooo! Posted by Picasa

But one thing you must watch out for is a Goose does not have the same manners as a dog,,,,and when he wants his piece of bread,,,he wants it and you have to be quick to get it out to him. Posted by Picasa

Feeding the ducks and geese the other day....and this goose was quite the brave one, coming right up to the children and eating from their hand. Silly Goose! Posted by Picasa

Yes, Mommy, you take way too many pictures that I have had to become like a celebrity and wear my shades [even at breakfast!].....actually, Emma Sage just thinks her Dora shades are the bomb!] Posted by Picasa

I don't know if you noticed,,,,but all three are actually leaping in the air...they were just so excited to be out [this was after the rain the other day and we decided to head to one of the parks.....that is what they like to do...pick a park and go play...even though our yard is a park! lol!]  Posted by Picasa

My big brother Otto..... Posted by Picasa

and the hunt is on....find the best stone to throw,,,,and the really neat ones go in my pocket!!! Posted by Picasa

Two by Two......walking to the little alcove at the river to hunt for treasures [you know, neat shaped rocks and driftwood!].....and of coarse to throw rocks into the river is the bestest of fun! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

You laughing at me?

You laughing at me?
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You know what they say....."Happy Cows make the best cheese".....Here Emma Sage is just doing her part trying to make the cows laugh and be happy!!!!

Twenty years ago.....

Least we not forget........

Paul Fusco's "Chernobyl Legacy" will not think the same, you will understand and you will not believe that such an injustice has been forgotten, disappeared without notice from history and from your memory...the images, words, stories, will remain indelible...

Please take the time to watch this photo-essay on the Chernobyl Legacy. It is one of the most moving and powerful photo-essay's I have ever seen. May we never forget what man can do to man, animal and the enviroment.

My dear friend, Always Chaos, found this photostream at to also share with us regarding the Chernobyl Legacy.

I viewed this series this morning after she pointed it out to me and I'm sitting here silent. It truly amazes me how the world moves forward without looking back. How many people are so vain in their day-to-day wants and in these photographs I see LIFE,,,,life being lived, despite the horrors that befell them.

Today, as everyday, I give thanks and realize that life is truly a blessing.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Standing Outside the Fire, By Garth Brooks

This is a wonderful video by Garth Brooks. If you would like to view it, just hit play,,,,there is a bit of a delay before the video starts. If it does not work in this window, please visit the clip here.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Playing today in the Orchard


Plastic Surgery & Down syndrome...

A dear online friend of mine [and soon to be IRL friend this summer] wrote an amazing piece on Plastic Surgery & Down syndrome. Her words spoke my heart and I wanted to share it with those of you who visit and might be interested in reading her post. Just click on this link

All 4 My Gals: Plastic Surgery & Down syndrome...

My older two [as typcial teens do] watch from time to time the TV shows that feature Plastic Surgery. We openly discuss the shows, from ones for low self-esteem and vanity reasons, to the shows where they repair cleft-lips and other physical defects that interfear with a persons ability to do everyday tasks, such as eat, breathe..etc.

We believe that medical technology in that realm is a blessing. My husband had multiple plastic surgery's to correct cleft issues and being attacked by a dog at a very young age that scarred his face greatly.
My creation

Friday, April 21, 2006

I just love this picture.....these four children are such good friends and what wonderful and delightful children they are. Here we are talking about the water bugs we were watching scooting along the stream....and of coarse drinking juice and eating white cheddar cheese puffs....yummmmy! Posted by Picasa

Reflections of our day.....we walked to Ms. Bonnies to see the animals, stopped by this stream to have our morning snack.....laughed, sang and I just sat and watched the pure joy and innocence of childhood exploring a spring day.  Posted by Picasa

On our walk today, we stopped by the little stream to have our snack.....we found racoon foot prints along the mud...what fun! Posted by Picasa

Looking out the barn two

Looking out the barn two
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I took this yesterday afternoon....after coming back from the doctors [I've been ill] and Emma Sage was the sweetest thing [Taking care of Mommy] and we went for a walk, hoping to take advantage of the georgous lighting and spring blossoms. This one just melts my heart.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Mom, Hurry, come here"

I'm sitting folding clothes and Emma Sage is watching her 'Numbers' video from Small Fry Productions and I hear....

"Mom, Hurry, come here"

So I walk into the room and she says to me....

"Mom, I talk to you. Ernie has ONE rubber duckie" {{There is a rubber ducky in the video}}

I reply "yes he does" and head back to my laundry pile [which is never ending by-the-way]

a few minutes later I hear.....

"Mom, Hurry, come here"

So, again I walk into the room to see what she 'needs'

and Emma Sage says,

"Mom, I talk to you.......Elmo has a gold fish, ONE gold fish, Dorothy"

I reply "yes he does" and head back to the laundry pile.

Lucky for me, that was the last "Mom, Hurry, come here" for a while and I was able to fold that never-ending pile of clothes!

Monday, April 17, 2006

During the egg hunt.... Posted by Picasa

Miss Greta and Miss Rori...... Posted by Picasa

Oh many choices,,,,such a little belly! Posted by Picasa

OK,,,,so which treat do I take? Posted by Picasa

and here is Miss Emma Sage finding those LadyBugs..... Posted by Picasa