Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Mommy What's This?"

I've been busy getting ready for the upcoming school year. I've always 'co-schooled' the older three, bridging the gap of what they learn in school and what I believe they should know. I have also been collecting all the material I will be using for Emma Sage for Kindergarten as we venture into the realm of 'pure homeschooling'. **Watch our homeschool blog for an update of our curriculum and our daily lesson plans and of coarse what my silly little Emma Sage is up to!**

So this is what just transpired in the living room:

Emma Sage, holding up a huge Dorling Kindersley Dictionary......."Mommy, What's this?" she asks.

"It's a Dictionary" I reply

"Oh, I love dictionary's" is Emma Sage's response...."I love dictionary's so

Next big book, twice the size.......

"Mommy What's this, a dictionary?" asks Emma Sage

"No, honey that is an encyclopedia" I reply

"I no like pedia's,,,,they too heavy!" says Emma Sage

I just laugh! This kid just cracks me up!


Beth said...

Hi Tara Marie!

Your Emma Sage sounds like a hoot. I like the Gnarls Barkley story, too. What a funny girl.

By the way, were you at the Today show this morning watching the Wiggles? I swore I saw Emma Sage front and center!

Michelle said...

Oh she just cracks me up! One of Kayla's favorite phrases right now is "he heavy" (which I think he just means 'its') Everything is heavy to her LOL

Kari said...

Emma Sage is so funny. I can't wait for my little man to start talking. From the expressions on his face I bet it will be humerous.

mum2brady said...

I'm with Emma Sage - Encyclopedia's are too heavy :) What a darling girl she is!!!

Anonymous said...

The telephone book was my oldest boy's favorite book for many years. Isn't it cute how they get so interested in something like a non-traditional sort of text?

What a cute story.