Saturday, August 05, 2006

We got Tagged.....

Our friends Tristan and Paige both tagged Emma guess what?!? We are it!!!!!

This Momma finally got around to sitting her little social butterfly down for an interview and asking the 'hard questions!'

Now mind you, Emma Sage is standing right here and answering these questions,,,,,so they might be quite silly, actually, make that they are quite silly!!!!

Three things that scare me: Loud noises, Hocus Pocus [the movie], Cows "laughing at me....she thinks this is funny"

Three people that make me laugh: Greta, Michael from Modeling, Nini

Three things I love: My Mommy, Greta [going over to Greta and giving her a hug] and My Daddy

Three things I dislike: the dark room, brushing my hair, and ants [she freaks out when an ant crawls on her]

Three things I don't understand: Cry, when kids cry [she came up with this all on her own...awe!], TV, German [laughing, she is being so silly, she said her friend is from Ireland and she doesn't understand her German! lol!!!]

Three things on the floor: magazine, pillow, rug

Three things I'm doing right now: Playing with Greta, talking to Mommy, dancing around shaking her 'booty'......what a silly little girl.

Three things I can't do: Backflip [even though she tries and tries], tie her shoes, when she clicks off of and can't get back on.....she comes running to one of us say, in the saddest voice, "I can't do it....I can't do it!"

Three things that best describe my personality: Loving, silly, robot [Ok,,,,,I told you, she is answering these herself!].......Greta would like to add that she is funny, flexible, happy and so very, very sweet.

Three things you should listen to: The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow [from Annie, her favorite movie], crickets and the wind

Three favorite foods: Chicken & Broccoli, French Fries & Ketchup, Mango's

Three shows I watch on occasion: Elmo's World, Annie, Hocus Pocus [yes, she is also scared of this show that she loves!!!!]

And now...........................Emma Sage is tagging her littlest cousin, Miss Livija Diane


Marcie said...

We are getting a later start for vacation then originally planned. I took the time to answer in my blog.
Also, I don't know if you had heard (let me preface by saying he is now doing well) but Poppop LeRoy had a mild heart attack. He was moved out of ICU this morning. As far as I know he is doing fine. A little shaken up, but doing fine. Say a prayer

Kari said...

I love love love your answers thanks for playing Emma Sage :)