Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Sweet little Sage.....

Emma Sage truly is a Sage.....

Otto and I were sitting talking about Will and how to be a good friend to him over the next few days, weeks and years. Emma Sage just sat and watched us talking,,,crying,,,,hugging.

Then Rick took Otto off with him to go to his cousin's, so Otto and Michael and visit and work through this loss of both of their bestfriends father. [Weird, I know, but the four of these boys are just like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn X2......romping around the words,,,building forts,,,fishing,,,playing,,,,,just being boys!] so the two of them really needed to be with each other since they haven't been able to see Walt and Will yet.

After they left, Emma Sage and I were reading a book [it is nap time] and she said to me 'Daddy die?'.......which I replied, "No, your Daddy didn't die, Will, Walt and Stephanie's Daddy died"

"Oh" was her reply....looking at the book sitting on my lap now.

"Mommy, Wills Daddy die like Nanny McPhee?" asks Emma Sage

Me...."Well,,,,yes, like the Mommy in Nanny McPhee died, so did Will's Daddy"

a pause......

and then "Oh, Mommy I'm so sad................I want to cry" and Emma Sage gets up, walks away to the porch. grabs her kitty Nona and sits down and starts to cry.

My heart broke again.

But I realize that she understands this life process [or at least has a crasp of what it might mean]

After a bit she gets up and comes back to me and gives me a kiss and a hug and says......"I'm better, now can you read the book?"

Ah...to be a child......where life is truly in the here and now.


Tammy and Parker said...

Tara Marie,

What a summer you have had. What a tender heart both you and Emma Sage have. I read about the 'lessons' you share with Emma Sage and know what a very lucky girl she is.

I am very sad to have missed meeting you when you came to SLC. Christie sings your praises of what a genuine and caring person you are. Please know that because I couldn't leave Parker with one of my oldest children for that long of a period of time, and it wouldn't of been wise for me to have gone that far away either. Plus, right now finances are such that even a lunch out is a luxury that I shouldn't be indulging in.

I read the post as to why you have chosen to homeschool Emma Sage. I was hoping it was for happier reasons. I would love to talk to you about your reasons not to participate in EI and how you are putting together your homeschool program.

Many hugs.

Kari said...

Oh Tara Marie. This is so so devastating. I was coming here hoping to find Emma Sages answers from the Meme and never ever imagined I'd find such sadness. Your Sage surley is one of great wisdom for her years! To grasp the concept of what all this means and to mourn at her age is a tremendous Milestone. A sad one at that but still a Milestone. She is a most precious sweetheart. I'm so so sorry this has happened. I pray that everyone can find some peace through this tragic time.

Nicole said...

Love to you dear friend. Emma Sage is so precious and so full of many lessons!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear friend Tara Marie,

Emma Sage has a truly amazing spirit. I am not surprised at all that she would react this way. She has a way with people--much like her mom.

Your littlest angel is so in tune with the world around her. She is truly a gem--drawing out the pure essence of the world--and returning her glorious beauty--like a beacon in the night.

Again, much like her mother...

I am so thankful to have such an amazing friend. I hope one day soon we are able to finally meet.

Thank you so much for the uplifting phone call. It is always wonderful to hear your voice.

Miss E sent ES some snail mail today. Please let us know when it arrives.

Please give ES a hug from Miss E, and I am sending you one from me as well.

Much love

Amy said...

what a tender little spirit she has!