Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bob Marley - Redemption Song Live In Dortmund, Germany

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way.”
~A. J. Muste

Katrina's 21st 010

My Greatest Blessing in Life is becoming a Mother

At 6:29am she was born.
Of course she was helpless
and frail
to the path before her, but she was also
determined and
glowing with a newfound warmth.
Her body surged with
changes that shook the
foundation of
self image she may have known.
Cries arose with a welcoming echo
where before
there were many moons of silent growth.
Safe in the newness of
shared body warmth,
she looked for the first time at the
life so attached to her own.
joy, and
utter love
swept over her as the
soothing milk
worked relentlessly at arrival to hungry lips.
She needed not a name,
for that was something she had been granted
long ago,
during another birth
where she was the one
joining the world as an infant,
but not today.
At 6:29am a mother was born.

~By Laura Schmitt

21 years ago today, at 1:16pm, I was given the greatest blessing in my life.....At that moment I became a Mother. Twenty-one years ago today at 1:16pm, my sweet Katrina Leigh entered into our world and christened me into Motherhood. A Gift that I have been blessed to have received three more times since and a position in life ~ that truly defines who I am....I am a Mother.

Katrina Leigh,,,,,who is away today partying in New York City with her sister and friends is spending this special day away from home,,,,but, while it may seem sad, it actually is glorious because I have done my job oldest daughter [and her sister Greta] have their wings spread wide and are flying.

Here are a few pictures from her scrapbook that I just wanted to share. I so wish we had the technology for digital photographs 21 years ago, because many of my pictures of my first precious baby are on Polaroid film that darkens as the years go by, and I was not able to afford film and developing on large scale back then.....but these images are very precious to me....because it reminds me how innocent we both were back then.....both learning as we went forward through life as Mother and Daughter.

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

....Moments after her birth and my birth of Motherhood

Katrina's first birthday....
On her First birthday, with my Beloved Mother.....she loved birthday crowns from the get-go

My Birthday girl...

Katrina's 21st Bday 139
and she still loves Birthday Crowns at 21!!!!

Friday, July 02, 2010

My Passion for Photography

is growing my leaps and bounds. It is now slipping over from behind the lens to at the computer working magic with Textures and Action.

Pop on over to this blog to see what I am so excited about and you too can join in on the passion:


......I am inspired!!!