Thursday, January 03, 2013

Farm Kings

"Mom, come quick!" Emma Sage shouts out to me from the other room.

My Mother's heart always pauses when I hear a cry out for me ~ unexpected and said with great urgency!.

I go quickly to see what she needs.

She is watching TV......with the biggest smile on her face.

"Look, Look" she continues pointing to the screen. "He has Down syndrome just like ME!!!"

I look towards the TV wondering what she is talking about.

All I see on the TV are these male Gods, with golden locks and muscles only a hard working man can develop.......picking corn.

Being of Farming Heritage.......I'm instantly in love.

I wait, and sure enough, one of these strapping young men is sporting an extra chromsome on his 21st pair. 

Farm Kings.

I had no clue. 

My little girl stumbled upon a show that I think this Momma who does not watch TV ~ might just find the time ~ to sit down and watch with her little girl.

Farm Kings?        Who Knew?