Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Hunterdon Review

This is a page from one of our local weekly community newspapers [and actually the only news paper I read these days,,,,except for an occassional Sunday NY Times]....called the Hunterdon Review.

Look and see if you can spot someone you know?


and guess where they caught little Miss.....Yup, you guessed it,,,at Rita's getting her beloved Mango water ice.

How do you cool off in the summer?


Michelle said...

What a cute picture of her that is!

Jeanne said...

Keeping cool in summer?
Lots of water and air conditioning
and relaxing with great books.
Congratulations on her newest achievement.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Emma Sage, how impressed Miss E is of your newest public photo debute.

That smile charms them everytime!