Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You Are What You Eat.......

Actually, that should read, You Are What You Eat and Drink.

and Emma Sage drinks Organic Milk......she loves milk, especially when we take walks up the lane to Grammy and PopPop's house, the first thing out of her mouth when we enter is "Can I have a glass of milk, please?"

Grammy and PopPop don't buy organic milk....but their milk is fat free! and if we win, I will gladly share our coupons with them.

We on the other hand switched over to Horizon Organic Milk a few years ago.

"Why?" you ask. Because, you ARE what you eat and drink....and my children do not need to be drinking antibiotics along with their milk.

Also, Horizon Organic Milk is fortified with DHA Omega 3....which is important for brain development. One of the main reasons I breastfed all of my children [for 18 months, 3 years 8 months, 4 years 3 months and 3 years 10 order of their birth order] was because I wanted my children to receive DHA and the optimal nutrients for their growth and development.

So.....I continue with Horizon Organic milk.

You can win a years worth, actually $300 dollars worth, of Horizon Organic Milk if you head over to 5 Minutes for Mom and read all about the contest.

Remember........You are What you Eat and Drink! and Emma Sage say's "Drink your organic milk!"

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Spreading the Love

Spread some Love

Please click on the above link to spread some love for a sweet little boy that needs our help.

Tammy, Parker's Momma, is one of my most favorite online friends. We share the same journey of loving a child with Down syndrome, but her journey is filled with many, many more obstacles than ours. I am in awe of all she does for Sir Parker and how her love and devotion for her little guy never detours just motivates her to keep on going....with a smile on her face and the unconditional love for a little guy that will just melt your heart.

Love for Parker

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today was a Magical Day......

Well, for the most part it as it also was filled with many chores. I am cleaning house.......bringing many unused items to the Trift Shop.....a way of clearing out, but not of loss, of rebirth, as the items will be purchased by those who could use our unused items. What a wonderful idea Thrift Shops are. Our local shop is called 'The Top O'Barn'......and not only do I donated there, but the children love to shop for treasures.

My Mother would always take her grandchild to the 'Barn' to find was such a special time of their lives.

We had just finished up when a big storm rolled through.........the heavens opened up and soaked the earth. We needed this rain, as it watered all the gardens and cooled down the air [which had gotten hot and humid again today after a string of picture perfect days of late]

As the sun set, the fog lifted off the ground............and then they began to appear.......Emma Sage's favorite creature of summer ~ Lightening Bugs.

We watched them....she ran after them and caught them....she studied them in the cage and then we set them free.

Ah,,,,,what a magical evening.
Fireflies in the Garden
Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
Only, of course, they can't sustain the part.
~Robert Frost (1874-1963)


We we blessed to be able to visit with cousins a little bit ago. My cousin Chuck and his family traveled home from Oregon to visit with his parents and we were all able to gather at my sister's house for a family picnic. What fun. Sadly, Chuck's wife, Royal and his son, Nick were not able to join us, as Nick came down with a fever in the morning. I was so sad, as I do not get to visit with them there are way too many miles between us all now.

I was able to take this photograph of Mamie [I did not get many pictures that day, as my camera battery was low and my flash was not cooperating].....but I think this image is priceless.

This is Mamie and the newest member of our family....Miss Sadie Philomena.

I just love the contrast of the years in Mamies hands......and the pink newness of Sadies little feet!

It made me think of this poem by William I see eternity being held in the palm of Mamies hand.....her legacy, her family. Life is truly a Blessing.

Auguries of Innocence

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
~William Blake (1709-1784)


It's Not Easy Being Green.....

"It's not easy being green.” ~ Kermit the Frog

Emma Sage just loves to explore. She has a few bug/little critter cages and she seems to always be filling them with interesting things to watch and learn about.

We always set the bug/little critters free, after we spend some time learning about them and watching them.

Today she caught a toad.

I am always amazed at how she can spot things a mile you can see by the photograph below, Sir Toad really was able to camaflage himself with the leaves and twigs where he we spotted by my little naturalist.


and the next photographs I just adore, as I was able to capture Emma Sage's inquisitive self.......checking Sir Toad out.






and if you are interested......Emma Sage will be happy to tell you what Toads do when you hold them and they are scared........They Pee on you!!!!!!!! lol!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Greatest Gift........

I've been missing my Mother greatly these days. It is not like I don't miss her everyday....I have since the moment she left her earthly is just that some days it covers me like a veil.....this heavy feeling......this profound sadness.

My Mother and I talked everyday of my life.......well, as close as everyday as you could get. There were only a few times in my life that we went a few days without talking to each other. On her trips home to Ireland [and the cost of a call prohibited our talking]....a few days on my honeymoon [yes, I did talk to my Mother on my honeymoon ~ and I'm still married [coming up on 20 years this next anniversary]. The same with my sister. My sister talked to my Mother everyday....and she talks to me almost everyday [we have our whole life]. can see why I miss her greatly.

This past week, every time the phone rang I could not shake the feeling that it was Mom calling. Rationally, I knew it was not her....but in my heart, it so ached that it would be her.

.....and this is my rambling way ~ which brings me to a quote she always would say to me.......

"The Greatest Gift you can give a to allow them to be children for as long as possible"

I do know my Mother had a magical childhood, as she told me stories of Ireland and I always carried away from those stories an awe for the 'fairyland' that was her home. She could weave the most incredible stories....and I have grown up believing in fairies and little people and banshees.......

My mothers life was good, but hard. She worked as a barmaid by the age of 12. Most children of her generation did what they could to help out their families....there was no thought about worked, either on the farm or in town. Some of my most favorite stories from my Mother were about her walks home from town.

But I fully understand her quote, now as a Mother.....and from the perspective of a young girl who was given that 'gift' of being allowed to be a child as long as possible....and of dreaming and believing.

So I have been raising my own children, just as my Mother raised the four of us. With lots and lots of love.......with shelter and protection of their they grow up way to fast as it is.

Which brings me to the real reason of this share a few pictures of Emma Sage's afternoon this week.

We made boats. We used aluminum foil loaf pans, chopsticks and card stock paper.

We carried them to the river and sailed them down stream.

A little, precious moment of Emma Sage's childhood. A Childhood that I pray lasts a long, long time. She is my last little baby....her older sisters are 16 today [Happy Sweet 16 Miss Greta] and her Nini will be 18 in 10 days. They are growing up on me....but I know that they cherished the innocence of their childhood.....a gift that I protected for as long as I could. But Father Time has a way of breaking through that protection and carrying them from childhood to young adulthood. It is a wonderful step....but one that also brings about a bittersweet you pray that the fairies, little people, banshees, magic and spirit of their youth stays with them all the rest of their days....if only as a smile and a memory that reappears as they think of their Nana and of me.

So, again I rambled....but as promised, pictures of Emma Sage on a summer day during her sixth summer.

Walking to the river with our boats.....

Watching our steps....

DSC09750 tipped over.

Rescuing her boat....

Look it floats.....

Gotta love that always comes up when she is concentraiting!

Like the ruby on the top of her mast.......Emma Sage had to put a jewel on her boat!

Can I tell you how much I just adore this child.....more than the stars and moon and deep blue sky!DSC09780

After playing in the side little stream....we set the boats off in the big river.....

and followed them down stream [Otto was our rescuer.......and gathered them up after they went under the rapids]

Heading back home......


We are so blessed to have many raspberry bushes on our are the berries we have been picking over the last few weeks. Emma Sage has been pigging out on berries. We also found two huge patches of Golden Raspberries on our property, and I have to tell you they are the most exquisite berry I have ever eaten.

But today, squealing with delight, Emma Sage realized that the wild red raspberries are ripening....and she was able to pick a few.

Because the area where we live has lots of woodlands, fields and streams, these delectable berries grow every where. We have many bushes on our property, as well as all the side roads and trails. So for the next few weeks, we will be busy picking and eating berries....YUM!!!!

My creation

Friday, July 13, 2007

My Silly, silly little girl.

Emma Sage loves to dance....and boy can she dance. I hope she gains a bit of modesty I can just see her dancing out on the dance floor in a few years, and her Momma will be bright red from all her creative moves! lol!!!

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My Silly, silly little girl.

Celebrating the 4th of July.....

With family and friends.

We have an annual tradition for the last few years [and one that I hopes continues for years to come] where we head to Ricks cousin Linda's home for a 4th of July celebration.

Everyone makes a dish and we gather and there is bound to be laughter, singing, dancing, horseshoe playing, eating and drinking and lots and lots of fun!!!!

Hanging out chatting with family.....

What is the 4th of July, without a swing in a hammock?!?

Being Silly with Aunt Sharon

Sharing a quiet moment with Aunt Hedy [this is Rick's fathers sister....who has been battling an illness of late and we were so happy to be able to visit with her on the 4th.

Baby Claire......I just love this picture.....the tenderness of her Momma's hand on her head. What a precious & beautiful little girl Claire is.

Miss Livija........she is getting so big and is just so beautiful.

Emma Sage with Aunt Heidi.....she just adores her Aunt Heidi

My Miss Independence.............Emma Sage has to do everything herself.....including getting her own food.

Blowing a pinwheel [which always makes me think of Jennifer, an amazing writer and mother at Pinwheels.....who also shares that magical bond of loving someone with T21]

DSC09587Going to look for fish........

Yup.....she found the fish!

Dancing the day away........Mangus joining in the fun.......

and then the rains came.........

I love this picture.....cousins.....Livija and Anna

Contemplating on it got cold from all the rain.

Otto and Michael.....waiting for the rain to stop.

Daddy and his girl.....waiting out the rain under the tarp.


Linda and Livija.............too cute!

After the rains, Rick and the older kids headed to another friends party to watch fireworks.....through the rain drops that still kept reappearing.....actually, it poured, but the got a bunch of 'illegal' fireworks in [another one of New Jersey's irritaing laws.....we have a law against almost anything you can think of!]

Emma Sage and I headed to bed.......sweet dreams.

"I'm Six now.....

and I don't have Down syndrome. I had Down syndrome when I was little....but I'm six now and I don't have it."

Yes, that is exactly what my little girl told her sister and brother this evening in the car.

Katrina was talking about Camp PALS, as we had just come back from picking up an award she won from Kohls stores in their Kids Who Care scholarship program.

Katrina said to Emma Sage....."In a few years you can go to Camp PALS because you have Down syndrome."

and Emma Sage replied the way she did above.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Camp PALS Slideshow

Please take a moment and view the Camp PALS slideshow. [click link at left]

I can not wait till Emma Sage is old enough to attend camp, as this week is truly a magical week of inclusion. Katrina says that her time at Camp PALS has been some of the best moments of her life.

Friday, July 06, 2007

This child just makes me smile.....

all the time [well, 99.9% of the time!]

She is so very bright and clever and is always showing me that she is fully aware of everything that is going on.....and how to spin a situation in her favor by using humor.

Yesterday, she got a scrape when we were out picking our blackberries [what a great season we have been having.....we get a medium size mixing bowl full every morning.......and we have been pigging out on blackberries and blueberries]

She looks at me and says, "Mom, I need the perry-side".....which I look back at her puzzled, as I had no clue what perry-side, was. So I ask her "perry-side?.....what is that?" and she replies, "You know Mom, that brown bottle, perry-side!" [with her hands on her hips, like she can't believe I had no clue what the perry-side was! lol!]

"Oh," I say, "you mean the Peroxide"

"Yes, Mom, Perry-side" she replies.

So after we went in to get the scrape cleaned up, I show her the spelling on the bottle and say the right pronunciation......which she got right away. So know she asks for the the brown bottle!

and one more funny, clever thing that happened today.

Greta, Emma Sage and I were sitting in the living-room. The girls were each reading books [and I was sitting taking a break from my gardening]. Emma Sage picked up one of my big Homeschooling curriculum books [which my sister had just given me last night] is real big and looks like a phone book.

Emma Sage starts thumbing through it and pretends to 'find' her friend Claudia's phone this point Greta looks up from what she is doing to watch her, and Emma Sage says 832-*(** and we laugh because it was our phone number.

She then goes to turn a page and rips the book.........

She quickly puts the book over in the pile near her and exclaims to us "You didn't see me rip that book!"

Just like that.....she figured if she said she didn't do it....and tells us that we did not see her [she was off the hook!]

I had to hold back my laughter to remind her that we must always be gentle with books.

To which she replies "I know Mom.....but I didn't rip it!"

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Playing with a sparkler

Dance Recital 2007

Yes, I am so far behind on posting on the blog about what we have been up too......just not enough hours in the day.

So, if you will, we will take a walk down memory lane.....

On Saturday, June 8th, Emma Sage made her first on stage appearance with her new dance school. She had performed on stage for two years with another dance school [whose director sadly passed away this past year] and we had switched schools.

This school has been absolutely incredible. They see Emma Sage.....a little girl who loves to dance, and they support her and nurture her to be the best little dancer she can possibly be.

We were so lucky to have our Aunt Jan and Mamie [Emma Sage's great-grandmother] attend, along with her sisters and Aunt Heidi.

The night was just perfect.

On the way down, the sky filled with these incredible purple/gray/black clouds......the hint of a storm brewing. As we got closer to the high school, the skies opened up, which seemed to be right over North Hunterdon High School......revealing the most beautiful blue and sunbeams came streaming out.

We all sighed, as we knew it was Nana, letting us know she was there with us in spirit.

The girls all gathered in a classroom.....and I left Emma Sage to play and wait with her other dance classmates.

When they walked out on stage [the stage was dark] I got chills and tears filled my eyes.

Emma Sage danced and danced......she was just wonderful.

At the end, they bowed and blew kisses......and then gathered hands and walked off stage. Emma Sage was the last one in the line, so her hand was the crowd. The crowd cheered and waved back to my sweet little ballerina.

I went back stage to check on her.....and she "I'm fine Mommy" and I helped her put on her tap shoes and chance her hat and tutu.....and left her again, to join the audience.

The tap dance was my favorite.....I laughed through streaming tears. Emma Sage and her classmates were just precious!

We said good-bye to Mamie and Aunt Jan, as they had a long drive home.

Afterwards, we went to dinner with Aunt Heidi......and Emma Sage continued to entertain the other diners.....with a few twirls, Boru's and sashays

After the show with her flowers.....

In the classroom, waiting in the wings to go on.....

My sweet little tap dancer


Aunt Heidi, Greta, Katrina and Emma Sage.......

Mommy & Me

Waiting to go on....

When I get the video, I will try to upload the it was just priceless!