Sunday, August 06, 2006

Indy's Child

As you might recall, I had a post about the July cover of Indy's child and a headline and editorial that clashed with the beautiful image on the cover and the thoughtless comments of the editorial and how it impacts parents who happen to be blessed with a child with Down syndrome.

Here is their response in the lastest hat is tipped to the editorsl and publishers of Indy's child. They did the right thing and I am so relieved to know that this was one of those horrible things that just should not have happened.

Publisher's Note Sometimes Good Intentions Falter

We Apologize---------------------------------August 01, 2006 -

It was the good intentions of Indy's Child to donate the cover of our publication to Kelly's Upside Down Ball and the Indiana Down syndrome Foundation as a fundraiser for their many worthwhile endeavors. The IndianaDown syndrome Foundation is a worthy organization and has a membership of 2,000 advocates. They had cause to e-mail their disappointment for our orientation of the July cover. The picture was excellent and showed the summer joys children with Down syndrome share with their family and friends. That was the message and feeling that Indy's Child intended to share with our readers but we inadvertently faltered. It was our maternity issue and there was a featured article on prenatal testing and the headline: "Understanding the Results is Key for Prenatal Screening Tests" was on the cover. Neither the author nor our paper meant to hurt the loving families of any children. The response to the indiscretion was the largest in our history! Hundreds of e-mails and letters to the editor were immediately received. The families who are raising these special children were very hurt by the inference in the July article that early detection of birth disorders gives the mothers-to-be options. This was inadvertent and our author intended to suggest that it gives families time to understand and prepare for the care of children with disabilities. We never meant to hurt anyone who loves children and we want to reaffirm that Indy's Child mission is to serve all children in a positive way. We met with the concerned families and representatives of the Indiana Down syndrome Foundation on July 12th to apologize and ask how we could work together in a positive way. They were enthusiastic about partnering with us and did accept our apology. The Foundation has a dedicated executive director, Cindy Busch. She wrote an excellent article for us this past March. She is caring and creative and has an active Board of Directors that helps the organization with at least six main activities each year. The group of advocates meeting with us included the parents of all of the children on the cover. To each of them, we apologize and say once again, we did not intend to offend you or your families. We thank you for caring so much and look forward to helping you in all you endeavors to provide the best opportunities for your children.---------------------------------Barbara Wynne is the founding publisher of Indy's Child Magazine.


Michelle said...

I hadn't seen this yet; thanks so much for the update. It's wonderful how they took responsibility and made a public apology like they did. It's unfortunate that it happened at all, but it sounds like it ended up helping to raise awareness.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this update.

Beth said...

Well, that makes me feel a little better. I must say, I do believe it was just an unfortunate oversight that these two things (the cover picture and the article) were paired together to send the wrong overall message.

Glad they apologized!
Thanks for sharing!