Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vinegar & Honey

I've had my trials and troubles.
The Lord has given me both vinegar
and honey, but He has given me
the vinegar with a teaspoon
and the honey with a ladle.
~Attributed to William Bray

So many things have been happening of late.....
Summer is swiftly making her appearance, and we are trying to take advantage of all the season has to offer. Our 'Honey' days have been quite delightful. We have been swimming, catching butterflies and grasshoppers, Toads and frogs....and even a big old praymantis.
We have made it a point to go fishin' as often as possible, even if it means eating a Rita's Mango water ice and using our bamboo fishing net [thank you Miss Emily] and just relaxing at the waters edge and pretending to really be fishin' [don't tell Miss Emma Sage it is pretend as she tries real hard to catch the little minnows and sometimes she is successful!]
Mamie was up visiting at my sisters, so we had a lovely dinner with family this week. 'Heaps of Honey'
'Honey'.....Katrina had a 17th Birthday camp-out [with magnificant weather and friends]....and 'Vinegar' she failed her driving test so we had some tears and sad moments to work through.
'Honey'.......Otto has a summer job that he has been busy working at our neighbors farm.....he is helping his cousins at the New Jersey State Dairy 4H show this week....'honey, honey, honey'
'Honey'......Greta is visiting her cousin's in East Aurora, NY with her Aunt Heidi, as she can not join us in two weeks for ToyFest as high school Field Hockey starts and she can't miss 'vinegar' we will miss her dearly on our trip, but are so glad she is having a blast right now without us!
'Honey'.....Emma Sage has been such a delightful little girl.....everyday is such a celebration with this much so, that tonight at the fairgrounds I was quite shocked to realize the child was is great pain and had an abscessed tooth/gum and we ended up spending the evening in the Emergency Room 'Vinegar'....but she has been treated and is sleeping like a little fawn right now and I'm going to go join her as it is very late.
I have some amazing pictures of the children in all their activities that we have been doing, but they will have to wait to be uploaded, as 'vinegar'...I'm one tired Momma right now, so my wish for you all is Sweet dreams........

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Julie said...

Isn't that the BEST net ever? We got Emily one shortly after we bought Emma Sage one, and we use it for EVERYTHING. There is this great little pond at the beginning of our neighborhood and you can catch all kinds of things from frogs, to tadpoles, to fish with that thing! Butterflies are no match for that net and neither are lightening bugs! I am soooo glad you have enjoyed it!

Julie and Emily