Sunday, August 06, 2006


Talking on the cell phone
Sequester.......that is exactly what Emma Sage did yesterday to her sister's cell phone. Since Greta was going on the river to water ski, her cell phone was left behind in its charging cradle.....until Emma Sage noticed it there and then quess who sequestered that cell phone and carried it with her all day!?!

Poor Daddy, as Emma Sage knows that if you hold in get your Daddy on the phone, so she took great delight in calling Daddy all day long.

This picture was taken in the middle of my trying to capture an image for the 'Theme' competion and then phone rang....Emma Sage proceeded to take it out of her jean-jacket pocket and answer it, all while in the middle of a grass field....and then just chatted away, forgetting the reason her silly Momma had her plum in the middle of the field with a camera attached to her face!!!! Then to top things off....I ran out of memory space!!!! Oh, well,,,,,,,,some calls are more important than Mommy playing at photography.


Jeanne said...

How sweet indeed!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!