Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Festival of Lughnasa

Celtic Crosses
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The Festival of Lughnasa is celebrated on August 1st in the Celtic tradition as the first havest of the season, as a reflection of the human cycle of birth and death. Lughnasa is primarily a festival of transition and thus presents a wonderful opportunity to consider how our lives have changed in the recent past. So, in light of the last few weeks of life here in our little Hamlet, I wanted to spend a moment reflecting in thoughts and photographs.


I got to meet a dear online friend, Christine and her absolutely precious son, Brady in Utah. This was truly a celebration of friendship, brought together by the gifts of children that came to us blessed with a little extra [chromosome that is!].


We got to spend a weekend with friends [another set of online friends who entered our lives because of that magical extra 21]....this was one of those totally unexpected but absolutely delightful moments in life......


We celebrated the marriage of Uncle Ed and Aunt Sveltlana......a celebration of life that makes hearts soar at the memory of sharing vow's so many years ago.....and you look towards the newlyweds and wish them a lifetime of beautiful moments and memories.

Ready for take-off....

We celebrated the births of two of my angels......Katrina is now 17 and Greta is 15.

Katrina went to North Carolina for a week at the beach in the OuterBanks,,,,Katrina went to Maine for a week on a lake...and now she is in Ireland with Nana and Uncle Mikey, Aunt Victoria, Ronan and Rori visiting family and attending a wedding.....again, one of life's phases that is so worthy of celebrating.


I attended my 25th High School Reunion and had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends from so long ago. My dear friend Annette just wrote a post about friendship, and while I was reading it, it brought me back to this evening, as these were friends that shared that very important time in my life,,,high school....a time to grow and learn and spread our returning 25 years later was truly magical as it was so refreshing to see the life journey's all of our classmates are on......truly a life phase that is so worthy of celebrating.

Sweetness one B&W

We said of the saddest of life's phases, but one that, while it brings great sadness, there is also a time of celebrating the life and love of the one who has passed. The most incredible thing for me this last week is the 'Like Father, Like Son'.....first it was Rick [Daddy] whose bestfriend lost his father.....and then a week later Otto [Son] is moving through the same experience of being there for his bestfriend. 84 and 37.......It seems like worlds apart, but the saddness at the loss is the same. Today as I gave Otto a kiss as he was heading out with his Uncle Carl for the wake, I couldn't keep the tears at little man, so strong,,,so vulnerable, leaving to stand besides his bestfriend at such a sad event. This is another of life's phases that as hard as it is, need to celebrate the glory of life

and fishing.....

Old fashion fishing stick....
We are going to spend many more days this summer fishing.

Here is the poem on the Mass Card for Walter...of coarse you know I cried my eyes out when I read perfect a thought for such an amazing man.

God Grant me that I may live to fish until my dying day and when it comes to my last task, I most humbly pray, that in the Lord's safe handling net I'm peacefully asleep. In His mercy that I be judged big enough to keep.

So today,,,,everyday, remember that each of life's phases is worthy of celebration!


Anonymous said...

This is a beautifully written post Tara Marie.

Your writing is so sheer, so true to who you are.

Thank you for sharing this journey through your festival of Lughnasa.

Betsy said...

I feel so honored to be able to just come and read about your life every day. You have learned one of life's greatest lessons -- how to embrace this thing we call living.

You have a beautiful,beautiful soul.

mum2brady said...

What a wonderful post (except that photoshop didn't seem to make me look any thinner ;) I loved to hear about what's been happening. Our hearts go out to Walter's family.....