Thursday, August 10, 2006

Times Square......

Times Square......

Well my clicking obsession has ended, as I got word from some friends that they got that e-mail I was hoping for.......sadly, Miss Emma Sage will not grace the big screen this year,,,,,but I have heard from a bunch of friends already that their precious ones will be there, larger-than-life, and we will be there cheering them on [and taking still pictures of their big moment on the big screen].

Here are two pretend images [the one of Greta and Emma Sage that I submitted to this years contest] up in lights on the big screens of Time Square. Maybe next year will we be chosen.......but never-the-less, this Momma will be taking pictures of life with Emma Sage every day and we'll see what we come up with for next May to submit for the 2007 Times Square Video.

If your child was chosen and you would like to celebrate here...please do....and let us know what number postion they will be listed in [you will get that closer to the date] and we will be ready with our camera to snap a picture and I'll post them here on the blog with our photographs from the big New York City Buddy Walk.....and if you precious one made it and your are planning on traveling to NYC to see for youself how truly amazing the video is watched up on the big screen, let us know and we would love to meet up with you in Times Square and walk through Central Park together [we are also trying to plan a picnic gathering]

Congratulations to all that were chosen....and leave us a comment and let us know who you are!!!!
My creation

My creation


Claire's mom said...

Tara... Claire and I will be there to see her mug on the big screen!!! I am sorry that Emma Sage wasn't chosen this year, but she is still our modeling inspiration. We would love to meet up with you. Not sure of our travel details yet, but we WILL be there!

I am glad to hear that they let you know what number you are. I have a request in to get the picture they are using and I will be using my advertising contacts to hit up the local press.

Well, see you in September!

Peggy & Claire

Claire's mom said...
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Tara Marie said...

Oh Peggy that is so exciting and I can't wait to see Claire up on the big screen,,,,and to think that we will get to watch it with you!!! Please let me know you plans when you finalize them and we can coordinate a visit!

Congratulations......Claire is such a cutie and the local press will raise such wonderful awareness!

Jeanne said...

Your child is so very precious and so blessed to have a Mom like you!
Love Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Peggy and Claire, C and Brady, and anyone else who was notified their photo would be on the big screen.

I am sorry that Emma Sage didn't make it this year, but I am sure her time will come. She is after all one of the most beautiful girls in the world.

No one can deny that superstar smile.

Michelle said...

Well Kayla joins you in good company Tara Marie and Emma Sage - we didn't get that email either! Oh well, it was exciting last year, but I know we can't get in every year LOL

We're still trying to figure out if we're going to make it to NYC...sure would love to. My mom is in MD and I would like to visit with her and drive into NYC - but I'm not sure how crazy that would be! Especially flying nowadays - such a hassle. Will let you know if we figure out if we're going though!

Jessica said...

I'm sorry Emma Sage didn't get picked, Joey didn't get picked either :( Oh well, there's always next year!

Chris said...

We're with ya, Tara Marie

No email for Miss Nana's pic, either.

Oh well, guess that means they were just overwhelmed with beautiful kids this year! :)

Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Miranda said...

We will be in NYC, and would love to meet you and Miss Emma Sage! I cant wait to see Shaylee's beautiful mug on the big screen! It would be great to meet for a picnic! I'll stay in touch!