Monday, August 14, 2006

Each Day is a Masterpiece

"A Life well lived is simply a compilation of Days Well Spent." ~Douglas Pagels

Some images of our recent days well spent!

Giving the cows a bath
Watching the cows take a bath......of coarse you must do this wearing a 'TUTU'

Otto, my hard worker
Hard work is good for the Body and is Miss Emma Sage making sure her brother is doing a good job!

'Chi' by the hay wagon
Everyday take a moment to meditate and Emma Sage is doing 'Chi' by the haywagon

Sitting in the middle of the barn
Sitting in the middle of a cow barn is always a great way to spend some quiet time reflecting and playing in straw.

Making a new friend
Making a new friend....both the little boy and the cows.....this little girl has an amazing gift to befriend everyone and thing she meets!!! What an awesome feeling as a mother to watch her just embrace life and others.

Lost in thought in the Dairy Barn
Lost in tought in the Dairy Barn.......we went to help our cousins at the New Jeresey State 4H Dairy Show.....I just love this picture, as it captures moments of little Miss when she is just quietly reflecting and I get lost looking into her precious face and sparkling eyes.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful series TM.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

What beautiful pictures. I really like the last one. And of course, how can you not watch the cows without your tutu?

Thank you for sharing. You have such a gift and I love checking out your latest and greatest photos!


Naomi said...

The photo of Emma Sage watching while the cows are washed is wonderful. I love the contrast between the tutu and the manual work.

Michelle said...

What great pictures!! She's so cute in her tutu watching the cow get a bath :)

Miranda said...

Great pictures, love the tutu!!!

Bennetts said...

The simple life is the best life!
I love all of the farm picture. Emma is so cute in her tutu!