Saturday, March 31, 2007

Take me out to the ballgame.....

Take me out to the ballgame.......well, almost!

Today was Emma Sage's first T-ball practice.

What fun! She had a blast and did did all the other little ones. They are just too cute.

Like my pink mitt? How cool is this. They never had neat stuff like this when I was little....actually, girls 'didn't' play baseball when I was little. Thank goodness things have changed.

Getting ready to 'catch' a ball......a grounder

OK coach, what are you telling want me to 'what?'

"Ok coach, I got it....I stand here and wait for the ball to be hit.....BUT what about those two team-mates wrestling on the ground behind me....are we supposed to wrestle too?" lol!!!!

Hey, this is fun....and we all get to go after the ball......

"Hey Sarah, I got a ball, did you?"

Look what we can do with our balls.....

What an arm.....

Running the bases is fun.....

"You know Sarah....this dirt is a lot of fun"

and YES, my child has a 'plumbers butt'.....if you notice in the pictures I post daily of her....she is very, rarely in pants....NOW you know why!!! She can't keep them up for the life of jumpers and tights are the best way to combat plumbers!!! But it is hard to play baseball in a dress!

Oh, and Emma Sage's team is the Cardnials.........Otto is a Phillie this year. I'd like to know when my kids are going to be Yankees! Then I'll buy them some extra team gear!!!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

The March Winds Roar.....

The March wind roars
Like a lion in the sky,
nd makes us shiver
As he passes by.

When winds are soft,
And the days are warm and clear,
Just like a gentle lamb
,Then spring is here.-
Author Unknown
So what do you do on a Windy March Day?
You fly a kite.....
and get it stuck in a tree......
And Marval at your child as she quietly watches her brother kite reach higher and higher towards the heavens....
and then today,,,,she tried and tried to get the kite to fly....but she was not fully understanding that the reason the kites soared the last two days was because the March winds doth blow!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!
And on that farm he had a hen, E-I-E-I-O!
With a cluck, cluck here,
And a cluck, cluck there.
Here a cluck, there a cluck,
Everywhere a cluck, cluck!
Old MacDonald had a far, E-I-E-I-O!
We took our *first* offical walking of Spring to visit Ms. Bonnies farm.....and you'll never guess what we came home with.......
Following the leader, the leader.....We're following the leader, where-ever she may go!
They were quite excited to be has been a long, cold winter.....
We got to see some new birds....
Emma Sage just loves this little do I!
Emma Sage just loves Ms. Bonnie [she is her riding teacher too] and here they are checking out one of the new, huge bunnies [still trying to guess what we came home with? lol!]
One of Emu's......of coarse we always have to sing the Wiggles, Emu song.
Can you say....Lucky, lucky children......
and this last one just made me laugh.....Mr. LadyBug is hanging out with Ms. Ladybug.......well, spring brings lots of mud, so 'Wellies' are the shoe of choice these days....
and if you are still trying to is a Bunny.....well, actually, it is three Bunnies [just what I!!! But Emma Sage is in heaven. She named them; Cadbury, Peter and we will see how long it takes three Jack Russell Terriers to get over the fact that even though these are 'pet' Bunnies....they just think of them as 'game'.
The Bunnies are very sweet, very social, but may have to go back to Ms. Bonnies, we will see.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


and measuring herself to the snowman......saying "Look how big I am!"

Yes, I said snowman....we put him away for the spring/summer/fall....but I left him out a little longer as if I put him away too soon, we always get hit with a few late season snow fall [like last weeks foot and a half]


But today, put all snow fears to it was in the upper 60's.....yeah!

Can You Say 'Sassy'......

Our little 'Sassy' girl. Every once in a while she will just stop and pose like this.........

Oh little girl, how you make us laugh and laugh.


Celebrate Diversity

Emma Sage used her sweet little hand prints to help make this picture for World Down syndrome Day.....


and a little funny.....

Emma Sage thinks she is a teen-ager [you know, having two big sisters that are teen-agers always makes a 5 year old think they too!]

She knows all the words to all the songs that are on the radio [this can be a good thing....and a very bad thing!]

Anyway....there is a new remake of the 80's song "Take a Look at my Girlfriend" by SuperTramp.....and she sings right along....

EXCEPT.....she made up her own word and hand movements.

She says [while waving her hand by her nose as if she just smelt something awlful].....

"Take a Look at my Girlfriend.....She SMELLS alot!" LOL!!!!! she just cracks me up.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here I am....

Here I am again....behind the 8 ball and way behind with posts.

Life has been so busy, but oh, so amazingly wonderful and full of fun, exciting events, that I have lots of picture of....and funny stories about, but alas....not enough time to post it all [Hopefully tomorrow, as I have St. Patrick's Day pictures and video clips to post for my Mothers family in Ireland!]

BUT....I did have to share this funny.

Tonight I'm busy getting shirts pressed and folded and ready for Rick as he has a long trip tomorrow morning [to the Bahama's poor guy]

I burn my finger on the iron and say "Oh $uck"

Little Miss is in the livingroom and says "What did you say?"

I reply "Oh, I said....""Oh Sugar""

to which she replies "NO you didn't, you said 'OH, $uck"

lol.....I about pee'd my pants. So I had to say,,,,"Yes, Mommy said a bad word and I shouldn't have done that".

Emma Sage says "That's OK Mommy, don't do it again!"

lol!!!! My little sage always has a way of making me 'think'

and a disclaimer....yes, I have a bad mouth. I lived and worked in New York City for way too many years on a trading desk filled with all men [well, mostly men] and it is a very bad habit I picked up. I try so hard....but when you burn your finger on a hot iron.....the most appropriate word that came to mind was..............'sugar'!!!! lol!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

World Down syndrome Day

Today’s date, 3/21, is significant because people with Down syndrome have 3 genes on the 21st chromosome. For this reason, Down syndrome is also referred to as Trisomy-21.

My friend, Jennifer at Pinwheels has a wonderful write-up about today in which she celebrates Down syndrome and thought I would join in on the celebration.

We are heading to New York City this evening for an event at Barnes & Noble. Here is a link to other events that are planned through out the world.

3 Things I am grateful for: My family, My Blessings, Diversity

2 Things that inspire me: Kindness of others, Diversity in life, music, art, photography & thoughts

1 Thing I wish everyone knew: That living life with a child with Down syndrome is an amazing and magical journey.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Friday, March 16, 2007

"I Want To Be Born Again!"

"I Want To Be Born Again!"

Those are the words I hear from my little pixie as she finds me soaking in a very hot bath [filled with Calgon......Ah, take me away!]

I was trying to have a nice relaxing bath [all by myself....what a novel idea!]

When I hear.....pitter, patter....the door swinging wide open and these words [which I found to be completely halarious, as my best friends Mother growing up became 'Born Again' when we were teenagers, and being devote Catholic makes for interesting conversations with a converted Catholic to being 'Born Again'.

My little pixie begins to strip her clothes off as fast as she can [of coarse trying to find an excuse to my plea "But Mommy wanted to take a bath by herself".....she says 'I naked'.

and ?Why? does my little girl want to be 'Born Again'?

Because this bath tub is exactly where she was 'Born' the first time.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Something that I'm very excited about.....

I met an amazing young man at the CHOP T21 Symposium who has started a program called 'Golf For Life'

Here is a picture of Brad and his father.

I am going to sign Emma Sage up for a clinic this sping. She loves to play golf in our yard and loves the miniture golf when we go.

Click on this link to read more....and be totally amazed.


You've got mail.....

Emma Sage got mail this week [actually last week, but since she was ill, we got the opportunity to return the letter to 'Grandma' this week]

Emma Sage adores my sister's Mother-in-law.....since my Mother died, Emma Sage has taken to 'Grandma Kathy' as her very special 'Grandma' so when she got this postcard from her she was so excited to be able to send a letter back.

We took a picture of her with the picture/postcard of Grandma and cousin Fiona.

You can get this really neat sticker paper at Target's that makes a picture into a postcard.


and that was last week.

This week has been wonderful....the house is slowly healing and everyone is back to being healthy. [Well except for Katrina, whose healing journey is a slow go]

Emma Sage has just make my heart sing.....she rebouded quickly from the strep and just delights me everyday with her spirit and love of life.

Here are a few pictures of my little pixie from this past week.

Emma Sage and A.J.

Hi Mommy....I love you!!! [OK, so that is not exactly what she said that that moment...but she tells my 50 times a day, so I just improvised]

Gosh, to be a kid again.......

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Suday....Mommy is sick

Ugh.....then I get sick. I started with a sore throat. I figured I better up my vitamin C and get myself into bed as early as I could. I did and slept it off.

Saturday.....Philadelphia for the CHOP symposium

and GIFTS table at the symposium.

I headed out early in the morning. I had planned on bringing Emma Sage but since she had strep, she stayed home with her sisters.

It was a very nice day.

Here are a few pictures from the day.....

Gifts :Blog

The Gifts Table....what a great day.
The City of Brotherly Love......

Friday.....Emma Sage and Daddy to the doctors....

Both have strep......So I am just hoping for warm weather to open all the windows and get a breath of fresh air though the house.

Emma Sage was so sweet, as she never complains, but in the morning when she was eating, I hear her cry out 'Owe' when she swallowed in such a sad little voice and I just knew something was brewing.

So I'll share this picture of the healing I was praying for for my little girl and family.


Thursday....back to the doctors

as Katrina is very ill. I forgot to mention that Katrina was diagnosed with Mononucleosis on Sunday in the immediate care center...she had missed the Christening as she was in bed, and thank goodness she was given a steriod [as her tonsils were kissing] she was able to drag herself to the awards banquet....but spent the week in bed. On Thursday, she was getting worse, so off to the doctors we went. She ended up with an ear infection [her first in 17 1/2 years] and an antibiotic. She slept for the next five days and was finally able to get back to school. She is still taking it slow, but we are starting to see our vibrant young lady back.


Basketball, dance....catching my breath.

Tuesday.....Pay It Forward

Katrina was honored at a reception banquet for the New Jersey Cure Pay It Forward Scholarship.

She was runner up.....a part of a group of six amazing young adults.


Rick, Emma Sage and my Dad were her guests. What a proud moment.

Emma Sage was the bell of the ball. She just melted all the the atendee's hearts, especially the disc jockey who she told "Hey, I hear you on the radio".

Oh dear, I better fix my lip gloss....
I better teach my little girl that a lady does not fix her 'lipstick' at the table....that is what the 'powder room' is for! lol!

What an amazing group of young men and ladies......
Katrina was honored with a $1000 scholarship, and lots of other amazing prizes....I'm so proud of you!

Just playing with the camera and the beautiful arrangement she received at the reception.

Monday.......Celtic Woman

My sister Patti and I drove to Philadelphia to see Celtic Woman. Our brother Michael bought us tickets for Christmas in the Memory of our Mother. My Mom loved The Celtic Woman Cds and I felt her presence the whole time.

We laughed and laughed, as it is rare for the two of us to ever get out alone [or together] without any children in tow.

Here are a few pictures from our adventure.....

The Performing Arts Center

The Stage....

Patti and I.......

One of my Mother's favorite songs from Celtic Woman in a Memorial I made for her.

Sunday...My little boy recieved his Arrow Of Light

He is now an 'Official' Boy Scout....moving up from Cub Scouts. He has been in Scouting since Kindergarten.....a Tiger, a Wolf....a Bear, Webelo one, Webelo two, and now a Boy Scout. He is so excited, as his goal is to make Eagle Scout [which I believe he will achieve, as he is a hard, dedicated worker]

I don't have pictures to share as of yet, as my Dad took the pictures and I have to pick up the disc.

Otto, we are so proud of you.

Saturday.....Baby 'Reals' Christening

Emma Sage calls her baby cousin Gabriel 'Baby Real'! She just adores him.

On Saturday we celebrated Gabriel's Baptism with family and friends.

Here are are a few pictures from this special day. It was such a bitter-sweet time without our Mom. I had quite a few moments of tears, as it still does not seem real that our Mother is not here. I know she was smiling down from heaven at us all.

My sister Patti Ann and Gabriel....she is totally amazing and an nurse anywhere. I always had to sit to nurse. The gown Gabriel is wearing was made by my Mother, out of my sisters Mother-in-law [who passed away before their marraige] wedding gown. What a beautiful treasure this Christening Gown is.

DSC03659 over tired little guy......

But a kiss from Mommy always makes it better.....

Emma Sage taking a break from all the partying [yup, still a thumb sucker!]

My sweet little miss.....

Daddy, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mikey.........enjoying the fun time.

Mamie and Gabriel

Emma Sage playing with Kelsy's dolls......

Well Hello there.....

Michael and Victoria.....aren't they a beautiful couple!

Emma Sage's cousin Ronan....isn't he just adorable.

And the Happy Boy.....Baby Real!!!!!