Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Welcome to the World Sweet Baby Cole

and big Congratulations to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers and husband Brian Rodgers!

Congresswoman's baby has Down syndrome

By MATTHEW DALY Associated Press Writer
© 2007 The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said Wednesday that her month-old son, Cole, has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

"This news has been difficult to get our arms around. Like every parent, we have hopes and dreams for our children," McMorris Rodgers said in a letter to constituents and supporters. "Although initially stunned, we are embracing our son and preparing for what may lay ahead."
McMorris Rodgers, a second-term Republican from eastern Washington state, was the first member of Congress in more than a decade to give birth while in office.
Down syndrome occurs when a person has three, rather than two, copies of the 21st chromosome. Characteristics associated with Down syndrome include low muscle tone, small stature, an upward slant to the eyes and cognitive delays.............please click on link to read full article.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Fun Surprise......

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At dance class on Wednesday they surprised us by opening the door at the end so the children could practice the dance recital routine with an as you can see, Emma Sage was so excited about this and had to wave a few times.....follow with her eyes one of the little toddlers that was wandering around.

Our dance recital is on June 9th.....and we are so excited to see our little girl [and her friends] up on the stage and under the bright lights!!!
Me and my Mom

Mom, I can't believe it has been eight months since you have left your earthly bounds.....and I never realized that I would miss you more and more as each day passes.

So much has been going on in our lives.....and the first thing I want to do is to pick up the phone and call you and share with you [as I did almost everyday of my life] all the children have been up too.........but I can't call you Mom [well, actually, I do....I call your cell phone and listen to your recorded voice.....wishing that you would say more than 'to leave a message'.

I love you so dearly Mom.....and I miss you.

This child just loves babies......

Emma Sage just adores babies...she always has.

Just as I have for her siblings, I have always been observant of their likes, their special help guide them as they grow into finding the right path for their education and future career plans.

Katrina is three weeks away from graduating high school and off to college to become a teacher [special education/elementary/sign language] are her current goals......and we have encouraged her every step of the way. I always tell the need to think about when you wake up every morning....what do you see yourself doing. What would make you happy, as you need to wake up and enjoy what you are doing. and I alway remind them that you always have the opportunity to change what you are doing if it is not exactly what you want. That is the beauty of education, you can continue learning and growing your whole life. It is all up to you.....and you need to do what is important for you....what makes you happy, as it is your life.

So lately, I've been thinking about Emma Sage and her future education and career goals.

When we were out getting plants a few weeks ago, we were at one of my favorite little farmsteads......just two green houses and lots of unique herbs and speciality plants. There is no cashier around, it is a self-serve farmstead. As we gathered up our plants and headed over to the table to add the bill up.....Emma Sage grabbed the paper and pen, stood up to the counter and pretended to 'wait' on me. After we were finished she looked at me and said "I want to do this" I asked her "What do you want to do?" and she told me that she wanted to be the "Add'r Upper" and to make the plants [and I thought to myself......Maybe this is what we need to do with our property.......start a little farm stand/greenhouse for Emma Sage to run.

But then I capture her on film with Miss Brooke and I know it my heart of hearts......Emma Sage needs to be working with little children as she is so loving, so tender and she just loves teaching them!

Who knows.......She will have many opportunites to do what she wants to do whatever makes her happy and I am excited to see where her life journey takes her.

Emma Sage and Miss Brooke [who is now five weeks old....and how blessed are we to have such a precious little one to care for]


Friday, May 25, 2007

Father's Day Photo Contest.....

Yes, I'm a sucker for anything local and involves photography.

Our local paper is running a photo contest for Father's Day.

They will run the entries on their website and there will be two contests, one winner from the staff's picks and one winner from online votes.

This is the photograph I submitted [can you believe I don't have many pictures of Rick and the kids.....maybe it is because he is always traveling?]

I called it: "Best Seat In The House"

This was taken a few weeks ago at Otto's baseball game. I just love how Emma Sage melts into her Daddy's shoulders whilst watching the game.

As soon as I can figure out how to vote....I'll post [and maybe you all can give Emma Sage and her Daddy some support!!!!]

This is the link they said that they will be run on, but I don't see anything up yet [this is a weekly paper and the contest was just announced in yesterday's edition, Thursday, May 24th]

So what do you all think????? Is this a perfect image of 'Fatherhood'? I think so! ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Prom 2007

Katrina had her Prom this evening.........

Sharing one picture that I took of her with a group of her friends before the dance.

What a Magical time of her life......


Monday, May 21, 2007

A Roller Coaster.....

I feel like I'm on a Roller Coaster and the darn thing won't stop to let me off......

Spring is usually a busy time of the year for me....but this year, man-oh-man, I'm holding on as tight as I can and just enjoying the ride.

I still have not posted pictures from Mother's Day [and my thoughts of my first Mother's day without my dear has been very hard and I still am weepy for no reason at all these days ~ I don't know if it has to do with all the 'stuff' going on, or watching my own baby getting ready to graduate and move on to college....I said 'Good-bye' to my Father and Sister and her family [as they left on a trip to Ireland to visit my Mother's family]. I seem to be having a hard time with saying 'good-bye' to people, even if I know it is only for a short while. Rick has been on a long trip around the I'm flying solo, taking care of it all.

But even though I have had some 'weepy' moments.....the laughter and joy has been great to over come any moments that are too solomn.

This is my most favorite time of the year. I take great pleasue in just 'inhaling' spring air has to be the most intoxicating air! My love having my hands digging in the rich, dark soil and marval at all the new life sprouting up around me.

Emma Sage has taken on my love of spring.

We have T-ball this week, baseball, State Sectionals in Track, Prom, Premier Opening of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Otto's Birthday, Memorial Day parade and laundry, gardens and a house to clean!

Here is a few pictures that I was able to capture of Miss Emma Sage dressed in her dance recital costume that we had to put on for her formal pictures that were taken Saturday.

and I will someday catch up with pictures and thoughts [Maybe during the lazy-hazy days of summer!]
Waiting.......our appointment was for 9:51 am...........we got there 10 minutes early.....we ended up waiting over an hour. Ugh......
Thank goodness for mirrors [as Emma Sage will entertain herself for hours in a mirror]

and this was the only picture of my little dancer that I could get of her with the whole costume in the picture [and by this point, she was finished with camera's and dance outfits!]

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Walk Down Memory Lane......

My printer crashed and died this week [of coarse right in the middle of Greta's major History paper.....after 10 years, it served this family well] So we purchased a new fancy printer/scanner/copier [at a great price]

So tonight I was trying it out and scanned three pictures that were taken on film and wanted to share....

Sweet babe, in thy face Soft desires I can trace, Secret joys and secret smiles, Little pretty infant wiles. ~ William Blake

When you fold your hands, Baby Louise! Your hands like a fairy's, so tiny and fair, With a pretty, innocent, saintlike air, Are you trying to think of some angel-taught prayer You learned above, Baby Louise. ~Margaret Eytinge

Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister. ~Alice Walker

The above pictures are of Emma Sage at 4 months, 9 months and the last picture is of Katrina and Greta on Katrina's 2nd Birthday and Greta was 10 days old......

My Katrina graduates High School in 3 weeks, Greta is breaking school track records and is off the the States and Emma Sage just turned Six and is such an amazing and delightful little girl. I am one blessed Momma

and I promise to scan in some pictures of my little man he only has 10 mores days at being 10......

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our May Faire.......

I truly don't know how the days move by so swiftly........but the next thing I know, it is a week later and I still have not had the time to upload pictures or share in Emma Sage's magical day.

Of coarse, in-between her Birthday on May 9th, her Circus Birthday Celebration, Mother's Day [and such a powerful one with it being the first without our own Beloved Mother...."Mom, I miss you so dearly"] and up till today [with baseball, T-ball, track "Greta set a school record this that was originally set in cool is that!", Spring Open house, Rick on a long trip around the world, gardens and just everyday life] I have so many pictures and thoughts to share.

I will start out with Emma Sage's Circus Birthday Celebration.

On Saturday, we hosted a Circus Birthday party where 24 of Emma Sage's friends and cousins [not including her siblings and their friends who helped this Momma out] helped Celebrate Emma Sage's Sixth Birthday.

What fun!!!

We first met at the pavillion at the park and after games and pizza and cake and treats we walked over to the Circus and watched a wonderful Small Town/Big Top Circus!!!

I can't begin to tell you how magical it was......and how absolutely loved Emma Sage is by her community.

So please enjoy my precious little girl and her Circus Birthday Celebration in photographs.

She sure does have that princess wave down-pat......greeting two little girls that were playing in the park, but had to keep coming over to 'check-out' the birthday girl
The 'goody-bags' awaiting the guests....the children got a pail and shovel [for summer fun] a jester hat with bells, a clowns nose, a t-shirt that had the Big Top on it and it said 'Small Town/ Big Top Circus' and a box of popcorn for the show and little treats.

Waiting for her friends to arrive....

Two of my teen-age helpers.....this is Greta and her friend Kristen and Sara is a bit blurry on the right hand side of the picture....I coulnd't have done this party without their help [and Katrina, Otto and his Pal Michaels help too! ......Thank you guys!]

Saying 'Hello' to her friend AJ

Playing 'Hullabaloooo' as the guests arrived one-by-one [or sometimes two by two]
as in the next two guests......Emma Sage's friends Coleen and Claire from her dancing class.....arn't they the cutest twins!

Greeting one of the bestest friends Devony.....these two are so cute together.

Too much fun!
Oh my goodness,,,,is this for me?

playing her favorite of games....Duck, duck, goose!

Waiting for the 'ducker'!
her favorite part....running!
Look at those!!!!
and back to waiting to be goosed and then to goose!

The party table....

and look at the ham-bone standing at the head of the table....silly Birthday Girl.

playing simon says.....



Watching Greta light her birthday candles.....I have to still upload the birthday video clip that comes stay-tuned! [I promise someday I'll get to it!]

Then it was 'Off to the Circus'






One of our neighbors [Ms. Bonnie, the one who I always share all of the wonderful pictures from our walks to her farm] has become friends with the owners of the Circus over the years.....and she had the Ring Master announce Emma Sage's Birthday and one of the clowns brought her over a this pictures cool is that [and so wonderful!]
A smile of joy to melt a Momma's heart.

and then at intermission....Ms. Bonnie took Emma Sage on a Camel ride.....

Waiting on the camel ride.....but I put this picture on here bigger as I wanted to share an experience that we get often in public with Emma Sage....if you notice, the young boy in line is 'staring' at Emma is a look we get often and I know it is because he caught a glimpse of her T21, but he is not sure exactly what he noticed....what makes Emma Sage a bit different then he.......This is not a negative thing [and I pray as she gets older it never becomes a negative thing] but a moment of curiosity and wonder.

What a lucky girl....the brought her to the front of the line....and gave her a few extra 'go-arounds'.....



Some of our party guests.......can you say 'FUN'!!!!!

Emma Sage just loved the whole show....she told me afterwards that she was going to be in the circus when she gets bigger!
Saying 'Good-bye' to her bestfriend Claudia and the little girl who is what I wrote about in our submission to the book 'Gifts'

and that is all she wrote!!!!

This gathering truly showed the love that our community and family has for our daughter. Emma Sage is a delightful little girl who has many different friends from all parts of her life. She had friends attending that were also her family, as in siblings and cousins.....she had friends attending that spend their days with her since they were all little......she had friends attending that take dance class with her.....she had friends attending from her T-ball team.......and she had friends attending from her local Down syndrome group. Truly a gathering of diversity and a wonderful picture of inclusion.

We are truly blessed........