Wednesday, August 09, 2006

If You Give A Child an Appropriate Education

There is a new Down syndrome Group list that I am a member of. It is located here: Down syndrome Info Exchange and it is developing into an amazing resource. I'm not an active poster, just as on the DSLISTSERV, but I am always reading and researching and this list has been just a delight for this Momma who loves to do just that, read and research!

This was just posted and it stuck such a cord with me....Emma Sage just loves, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" and this version is truly inspiring for those of us who have children that sometimes are not given the most appropriate education.

If You Give a Child An Appropriate Education - by Lori Miller Fox

One of my daughter's favorite books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff, inspired the following posting:

If you give a child an appropriate education,

he's going to ask for opportunities.

When you give him the opportunities,

he'll probably ask you for support.

When he works very hard, he'll ask for recognition.

Then he'll want to look at his accomplishments

and make sure he isn't


When he looks at his accomplishments,

he might notice he doesn't have many friends.

So he'll probably ask

for a group to fit in with.

When he's finished getting comfortable,

he'll want some friends to help him have fun.

He'll start playing.

He might get carried away and

play with every child in his class.

He may even end up making a playdate!

When he's done,

he'll probably smile.

You'll have to get him back to his school work

with coaxing and encouragement.

He'll refocus,

concentrate on school work

and smile a few more times.

He'll probably ask you to challenge him more.

So you'll rewrite the goals on his IEP,

and he'll ask to do more and more.

When he does more and more,

he'll get so excited he'll want to do

harder things. He'll ask for you to believe in him.

He'll try his best.

When he's done,

he'll surprise you

with accomplishments.

Then he'll want to know

he has approval.

Which means he'll need


He'll look for acceptance in your eyes

and stand back to find it.

Seeing your acceptance

will remind him that

he's the same as everybody else.


he'll ask for opportunities.

And chances are if he aks for


he's going to need further education to make the most of them.

Posted by LoriFox on November 28, 2005 at 07:00 AM


RNP said...

Oh TM I want to see the new group you have joined, but the link won't work...

Wow have I been slacking on the DS news and new things on the web this month.

Jeanne said...

Fabulous as always.
Big hugs and a million gazillion kisses.
Hugs and smiles across the miles
Love Jeanne

I always read my grandangels if you give a pig a pancake I believe along the same lines.
Love you!
Ontario Canada

Tara Marie said...

Hi @Always!!! I fixed the link!....this very uncomputer saavy Momma was tired last night when she posted it and I didn't realize I put in the wrong link! :0) You must join, it is an amazing collection of souls...lots of interesting information [some unconventional,,,but you know me, I want to read and learn everything that I can.....I can make my own choices in what to do with the data!] It was started, I believe by KathyR, after the main DSLSTRV has so many 'flames' which is the main reason I never post anymore, just read the digest of that list.

@Jeanne....thank you so very much. I am so touched that you have found our blog and I delight in looking at your images at to you, and have a beautiful day.

Peace, TM

Annette said...

oh oh oh... I LOVE THIS!!!! I'm stealing it for my blog, OK? We have all the Laura Numeroff books and LOVE them, so this is really appropriate for us.

Michelle said...

Oh I love this take off the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie (which I love by the way!) This was great! I'm going to have to check out this new group you joined!