Saturday, March 10, 2007

Something that I'm very excited about.....

I met an amazing young man at the CHOP T21 Symposium who has started a program called 'Golf For Life'

Here is a picture of Brad and his father.

I am going to sign Emma Sage up for a clinic this sping. She loves to play golf in our yard and loves the miniture golf when we go.

Click on this link to read more....and be totally amazed.



jennifergg said...

Congratulations, what a terrific program! I'm sure Emma Sage will love it.

And thanks for all the photos and the update from the symposium. You ladies did a terrific job! Well done!

(Hope you are all better soon...I didn't realize you'd been sick...)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this link. I'm adding it to our Gifts website now.

Court said...

Tara- The Hennefers and Golf for Life are coming to our golf tournament in Myrtle Beach in August for our Down Syndrome group, so thank for blogging about them, I sent a link to our whole group so they could see!God Bless-Courtney

Bigger Hugs said...

((HUGS)) to you and Emma Sage