Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tuesday.....Pay It Forward

Katrina was honored at a reception banquet for the New Jersey Cure Pay It Forward Scholarship.

She was runner up.....a part of a group of six amazing young adults.


Rick, Emma Sage and my Dad were her guests. What a proud moment.

Emma Sage was the bell of the ball. She just melted all the the atendee's hearts, especially the disc jockey who she told "Hey, I hear you on the radio".

Oh dear, I better fix my lip gloss....
I better teach my little girl that a lady does not fix her 'lipstick' at the table....that is what the 'powder room' is for! lol!

What an amazing group of young men and ladies......
Katrina was honored with a $1000 scholarship, and lots of other amazing prizes....I'm so proud of you!

Just playing with the camera and the beautiful arrangement she received at the reception.


Bennetts said...

That is so cool! Glad she won your daughters are amazing.......
Rose, Chases mom

mum2brady said...

Congratulations Katrina!!! What a wonderful accomplishement by a wonderful girl!

We hope you are feeling better soon!