Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saturday.....Baby 'Reals' Christening

Emma Sage calls her baby cousin Gabriel 'Baby Real'! She just adores him.

On Saturday we celebrated Gabriel's Baptism with family and friends.

Here are are a few pictures from this special day. It was such a bitter-sweet time without our Mom. I had quite a few moments of tears, as it still does not seem real that our Mother is not here. I know she was smiling down from heaven at us all.

My sister Patti Ann and Gabriel....she is totally amazing and an nurse anywhere. I always had to sit to nurse. The gown Gabriel is wearing was made by my Mother, out of my sisters Mother-in-law [who passed away before their marraige] wedding gown. What a beautiful treasure this Christening Gown is.

DSC03659 over tired little guy......

But a kiss from Mommy always makes it better.....

Emma Sage taking a break from all the partying [yup, still a thumb sucker!]

My sweet little miss.....

Daddy, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mikey.........enjoying the fun time.

Mamie and Gabriel

Emma Sage playing with Kelsy's dolls......

Well Hello there.....

Michael and Victoria.....aren't they a beautiful couple!

Emma Sage's cousin Ronan....isn't he just adorable.

And the Happy Boy.....Baby Real!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful set of photos, your family is so beautiful.

I love little Miss ES on the floor sucking her thumb, a familar sight around here. :)

mum2brady said...

What a wonderful gathering. I know that your mom and sweet Gabriel's big brother were watching from their special place in heaven...

Beautiful pics!!