Saturday, March 31, 2007

Take me out to the ballgame.....

Take me out to the ballgame.......well, almost!

Today was Emma Sage's first T-ball practice.

What fun! She had a blast and did did all the other little ones. They are just too cute.

Like my pink mitt? How cool is this. They never had neat stuff like this when I was little....actually, girls 'didn't' play baseball when I was little. Thank goodness things have changed.

Getting ready to 'catch' a ball......a grounder

OK coach, what are you telling want me to 'what?'

"Ok coach, I got it....I stand here and wait for the ball to be hit.....BUT what about those two team-mates wrestling on the ground behind me....are we supposed to wrestle too?" lol!!!!

Hey, this is fun....and we all get to go after the ball......

"Hey Sarah, I got a ball, did you?"

Look what we can do with our balls.....

What an arm.....

Running the bases is fun.....

"You know Sarah....this dirt is a lot of fun"

and YES, my child has a 'plumbers butt'.....if you notice in the pictures I post daily of her....she is very, rarely in pants....NOW you know why!!! She can't keep them up for the life of jumpers and tights are the best way to combat plumbers!!! But it is hard to play baseball in a dress!

Oh, and Emma Sage's team is the Cardnials.........Otto is a Phillie this year. I'd like to know when my kids are going to be Yankees! Then I'll buy them some extra team gear!!!!!


Nicole said...

PrEcIoUs!!!! I love it. We talked about plumbers crack all weekend too, my girls ALL have it! :)

Jessica said...

I am loving the pink glove!!! And that plumbers crack is too cute :) I agree with the Yankees!!! Tomorrow is opening day!!

Anonymous said...

Where O' where did your baby go? Who is that gorgeous little woman? What is going on?!!

I can't believe how big she is TM. She is simply breathtaking - but, of course you know that.

LOVE the plummer butt. It runs in my family too :)

Sara said...

ahahahahah oh that last picture made me laugh!!!! She is such a beautiful girl and growing so fast!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. It looks like she had an amazing first time.

I can't wait to see more.

FamilySnows said...

What awesome pictures!! The plumber butt is a day she'll laugh about that.

~Melissa~ said...

She looks like she had fun! I love her glove - so cute.

Kari said...

I love these!! I'm so happy she had such a great first day!! WTG Emma sage. I want your pink glove!! Pink is my fav colour!!
As for the plumber butt we have the same problem Tristan has no butt!! Unfortunatley jumpers and stockings are not an option for him. Well maybe........... LOL nope can't do it.

Princess Morgan said...

Love the plumbers butt. Emma Sage , you are too cute! We enjoy your blog so much. You have gotten to be such a baeutiful young lady! lady bug hugs!