Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here I am....

Here I am again....behind the 8 ball and way behind with posts.

Life has been so busy, but oh, so amazingly wonderful and full of fun, exciting events, that I have lots of picture of....and funny stories about, but alas....not enough time to post it all [Hopefully tomorrow, as I have St. Patrick's Day pictures and video clips to post for my Mothers family in Ireland!]

BUT....I did have to share this funny.

Tonight I'm busy getting shirts pressed and folded and ready for Rick as he has a long trip tomorrow morning [to the Bahama's poor guy]

I burn my finger on the iron and say "Oh $uck"

Little Miss is in the livingroom and says "What did you say?"

I reply "Oh, I said....""Oh Sugar""

to which she replies "NO you didn't, you said 'OH, $uck"

lol.....I about pee'd my pants. So I had to say,,,,"Yes, Mommy said a bad word and I shouldn't have done that".

Emma Sage says "That's OK Mommy, don't do it again!"

lol!!!! My little sage always has a way of making me 'think'

and a disclaimer....yes, I have a bad mouth. I lived and worked in New York City for way too many years on a trading desk filled with all men [well, mostly men] and it is a very bad habit I picked up. I try so hard....but when you burn your finger on a hot iron.....the most appropriate word that came to mind was..............'sugar'!!!! lol!!!!


Anonymous said...

As I am busily working on the revamping of your website, to create a marvelous new look...I head on over to your blog for a quick second to check something out, only to find myself caught reading this post.

Oh goodness, Emma Sage, these reminders would be helpful at our house too.

Miss E could especially use you. Last month she learned a new phrase, after watching me drop something.

"Holy dit", yes she knows when to use to too.

I'm back to work on the website, after I tell Miss E that Emma Sage doesn't use bad words.

We love you!!!

Carey said...

d you know your child was listening to you when you correct her, for she was able to give it back to you.
How very cute! Gotta love it!

Kari said...

LOL I have replaced $uck with firetruck But I my little guy used his first potty work a few weeks ago. I was having difficulty opening a zipped file and said $hit and just like a parrot I hear this sweet little voice beside me say $hit. He even pronounced the "T" Funny how clear these type words come out LOL
I haven't been blogging much either but have decided I need to get back at it!

Jessica said...

I love it! I have a potty mouth too and I've been trying so hard to revamp my language before Joey picks it up... I don't want his first word to be sugar :)

~Melissa~ said...

Could Emma Sage come over to help remind me? I'm terrible - but do try very hard not to say it in front of the kids.

Debra said...

I have a "bad" mouth and I didn't work in NY LOL So I guess I don't have an excuse but I know our children love to see us when we are real. Hugs and thanks for sharing that.

Debra and Hope