Saturday, March 10, 2007

You've got mail.....

Emma Sage got mail this week [actually last week, but since she was ill, we got the opportunity to return the letter to 'Grandma' this week]

Emma Sage adores my sister's Mother-in-law.....since my Mother died, Emma Sage has taken to 'Grandma Kathy' as her very special 'Grandma' so when she got this postcard from her she was so excited to be able to send a letter back.

We took a picture of her with the picture/postcard of Grandma and cousin Fiona.

You can get this really neat sticker paper at Target's that makes a picture into a postcard.



Anonymous said...

What a lucky girl to get mail. Are those little scratches on her hand from her kitty? Oh how kitties love to nibble and scratch.

Bennetts said...

I was going to ask the same thing. Looks like her and the kitten play hard. HEHE......... I love coming here to your blog, it is a place of peace and comfort. Thanks,
Chase Mom Rose