Friday, July 06, 2007

This child just makes me smile.....

all the time [well, 99.9% of the time!]

She is so very bright and clever and is always showing me that she is fully aware of everything that is going on.....and how to spin a situation in her favor by using humor.

Yesterday, she got a scrape when we were out picking our blackberries [what a great season we have been having.....we get a medium size mixing bowl full every morning.......and we have been pigging out on blackberries and blueberries]

She looks at me and says, "Mom, I need the perry-side".....which I look back at her puzzled, as I had no clue what perry-side, was. So I ask her "perry-side?.....what is that?" and she replies, "You know Mom, that brown bottle, perry-side!" [with her hands on her hips, like she can't believe I had no clue what the perry-side was! lol!]

"Oh," I say, "you mean the Peroxide"

"Yes, Mom, Perry-side" she replies.

So after we went in to get the scrape cleaned up, I show her the spelling on the bottle and say the right pronunciation......which she got right away. So know she asks for the the brown bottle!

and one more funny, clever thing that happened today.

Greta, Emma Sage and I were sitting in the living-room. The girls were each reading books [and I was sitting taking a break from my gardening]. Emma Sage picked up one of my big Homeschooling curriculum books [which my sister had just given me last night] is real big and looks like a phone book.

Emma Sage starts thumbing through it and pretends to 'find' her friend Claudia's phone this point Greta looks up from what she is doing to watch her, and Emma Sage says 832-*(** and we laugh because it was our phone number.

She then goes to turn a page and rips the book.........

She quickly puts the book over in the pile near her and exclaims to us "You didn't see me rip that book!"

Just like that.....she figured if she said she didn't do it....and tells us that we did not see her [she was off the hook!]

I had to hold back my laughter to remind her that we must always be gentle with books.

To which she replies "I know Mom.....but I didn't rip it!"


Miranda said...

Emma Sage is a funny girl! I say the same thing sometimes "you didn't see me do that!!" She's such a character!

Nicole said...

hee hee hee. She is so funny! And smart to boot! :)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said... sweet!! My girl is the same. Lately she has made me laugh so hard...must be the age!

Shelley said...

Very funny. A good friend and colleague of mine used to say that some of our more wayward students were "using their intelligence for evil not good" - not evil in Emma Sage's case but perhaps a bit of evasion?

~Melissa~ said...

Oh my! Could she be any sweeter?

Miss Magic said...

Please let me know when you are bringing Katrina down south :-). Maren starts school on the 6th, and if it's a weekend, I'm sure we can find a way to see you and your gorgeous kiddos! It's been a heck of a year and I miss you :-) xxxx Carol