Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dance Recital 2007

Yes, I am so far behind on posting on the blog about what we have been up too......just not enough hours in the day.

So, if you will, we will take a walk down memory lane.....

On Saturday, June 8th, Emma Sage made her first on stage appearance with her new dance school. She had performed on stage for two years with another dance school [whose director sadly passed away this past year] and we had switched schools.

This school has been absolutely incredible. They see Emma Sage.....a little girl who loves to dance, and they support her and nurture her to be the best little dancer she can possibly be.

We were so lucky to have our Aunt Jan and Mamie [Emma Sage's great-grandmother] attend, along with her sisters and Aunt Heidi.

The night was just perfect.

On the way down, the sky filled with these incredible purple/gray/black clouds......the hint of a storm brewing. As we got closer to the high school, the skies opened up, which seemed to be right over North Hunterdon High School......revealing the most beautiful blue and sunbeams came streaming out.

We all sighed, as we knew it was Nana, letting us know she was there with us in spirit.

The girls all gathered in a classroom.....and I left Emma Sage to play and wait with her other dance classmates.

When they walked out on stage [the stage was dark] I got chills and tears filled my eyes.

Emma Sage danced and danced......she was just wonderful.

At the end, they bowed and blew kisses......and then gathered hands and walked off stage. Emma Sage was the last one in the line, so her hand was free.....to WAVE...to the crowd. The crowd cheered and waved back to my sweet little ballerina.

I went back stage to check on her.....and she "I'm fine Mommy" and I helped her put on her tap shoes and chance her hat and tutu.....and left her again, to join the audience.

The tap dance was my favorite.....I laughed through streaming tears. Emma Sage and her classmates were just precious!

We said good-bye to Mamie and Aunt Jan, as they had a long drive home.

Afterwards, we went to dinner with Aunt Heidi......and Emma Sage continued to entertain the other diners.....with a few twirls, Boru's and sashays

After the show with her flowers.....

In the classroom, waiting in the wings to go on.....

My sweet little tap dancer


Aunt Heidi, Greta, Katrina and Emma Sage.......

Mommy & Me

Waiting to go on....

When I get the video, I will try to upload the performance......as it was just priceless!


ostertaga said...

You've got to post the video!!
How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!


~Melissa~ said...

Sounds like a great recital - I can't wait for the video. She looks so cute in her dance outfit!

Kari said...

AWWW Look at her sweet little costume!! Looking forward to seeing the video. I am so happy everything went so well and you felt your Mom along with you. (many hugs)

Shelley said...

I am glad it went well. THose costumes are gorgeous!