Friday, July 13, 2007

My Silly, silly little girl.

Emma Sage loves to dance....and boy can she dance. I hope she gains a bit of modesty I can just see her dancing out on the dance floor in a few years, and her Momma will be bright red from all her creative moves! lol!!!

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ostertaga said...

omg..that cracks me up!

TOO FUNNY! (and cute!)

Christina said...

Girls gotr moves, that is for sure. Love it!

Anonymous said...

giggling here in michigan.

Linda (Livi's grandma) said...

I think Emma is showing Livi how to move !!! :)

Kari said...

Well as I have mentioned many times before. When things get tough I have people I visit for inspiration and you are one of them. I love your beautiful blog and your Beautiful girl!! Thanks for sharing her.
Tell Emma Sage I ljust love her dancing she has got the moves!! Thanks for the giggles Emma you RAWK!!