Friday, April 21, 2006

Looking out the barn two

Looking out the barn two
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I took this yesterday afternoon....after coming back from the doctors [I've been ill] and Emma Sage was the sweetest thing [Taking care of Mommy] and we went for a walk, hoping to take advantage of the georgous lighting and spring blossoms. This one just melts my heart.


Julie (Emily's mom) said...

Tara Marie, I just love this photo! And I have to ask, just where do you get ES's pretty dresses? Hope you are feeling better, you snuck that little mommy's been ill in there and now I'm worried! Take care and keep snapping those gorgeous pictures!


Tara Marie said...

Hi Julie......hey, I'm right there with you in lala-land [just got a chance to read T21Online].

Thanks,,,I love this picture too!

I'm battling a kidney problem. Will know more in two weeks,,,,but prayers and positive thoughts are alwaysed welcomed.

As for Little Miss Emma Sage's wardrobe...I confess, I'm a children's clothing junkie....I shop high quality consignment shops near me and find the most incredible European and designer clothes...and Emma Sage is a big help by telling me everyday when I ask her what she wants to wear "A PRETTY DRESS!!!"...

Love you lots,,

Michelle said...

This is a beautiful photo TM; you always capture the best moments on film!

I hope there isn't anything serious going on with your kidney! Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh TM, I hope that whatever is going on with your kidneys is not serious and can be resolved quickly. I know how painful these kinds of problems can be.

Kim Ayres said...

Sorry to hear about the kidneys. Hope it gets resolved. I can't pray for you, but my thougts are with you nonetheless.

Beautiful picture of Emma Sage at the barn door - absolutely stunning!

Kari said...

Fabulous picture TM! Very natural
I'm sorry to hear you are having kidney preblems I hope it isn't anything too serious. You will definatley be in my thoughts and prayers.