Sunday, April 23, 2006

My creation


Betsy said...

You, my friend, are destined to change the world through these photographs of Emma Sage.

They are simply breathtaking, and I hope you are considering publishing them someday.

What an amazing chronical of her life this will be.

'Cousin' Linda said...

Hi Tara - where does the time go?
She looks so grown up in her "spin around" dresses! When we were young, Susan and I used to love to wear dresses we could "spin around" in! ;)
I love reading your blog... I'm hooked now between yours and Marcie's..
It keeps me up with our family!!
I especially loved Rick in the "My name is Mud" picture!!!
Hope you are feeling better..
we must get together this summer - definitely for the 4th of July!!
love, Linda
ps can't wait for you to meet Livija!