Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Mom, Hurry, come here"

I'm sitting folding clothes and Emma Sage is watching her 'Numbers' video from Small Fry Productions and I hear....

"Mom, Hurry, come here"

So I walk into the room and she says to me....

"Mom, I talk to you. Ernie has ONE rubber duckie" {{There is a rubber ducky in the video}}

I reply "yes he does" and head back to my laundry pile [which is never ending by-the-way]

a few minutes later I hear.....

"Mom, Hurry, come here"

So, again I walk into the room to see what she 'needs'

and Emma Sage says,

"Mom, I talk to you.......Elmo has a gold fish, ONE gold fish, Dorothy"

I reply "yes he does" and head back to the laundry pile.

Lucky for me, that was the last "Mom, Hurry, come here" for a while and I was able to fold that never-ending pile of clothes!


Michelle said...

Aren't you the smart one Miss Emma Sage! :) How fun that she kept calling you in to show you she can count what was on the screen! That had to be more fun than actually folding laundry :)

Anonymous said...

Folding laundry-boring, ritualistic, never ending, and no fun at all

Hearing your daughter counting-priceless :)

Way to distract mom, and give her a bit of a break Emma Sage!