Sunday, March 01, 2009

Little Dancers

My little dancer

Emma Sage loves to dance....she has been dancing under instruction since she was three. You have to see her choreograph her own routines ~ she is good, really good.

This is her dance class this year. They are studying Hip Hop - Jazz........and they are all just too darn cute.

Their outfits for the recital are a cute little denim coloring with red gingham in a 'train' style. There is one little boy in the class, so they got a outfit with a matching boys. Usually, the poor boys just go with a solid white or black, so it is nice to see that this little troop are coordinating and that sweet little boy gets to be the 'train engineer'.....chooo-choooo

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My name is Sarah said...

Hi Emma Sage, I can't wait to see your recital outfit. What song are you dancing too?