Sunday, March 01, 2009

Two more Gifts.....

I know I've said this before, but I am truly blessed by an Angel.

My dear friend Fran found Emma Sage on my account and asked me if she could use some of my photographs to do her digital scrap booking. Of coarse I said 'yes' ~ as sharing my little girl with others is the reason I blog and capture her life in has been my way to advocate, to help other understand the 'normalcy of difference'.

I know the reason why I started blogging and photographing Emma Sage's I grew up in a time when people with Down syndrome were hidden, not seen often in public. That to me was a tragic thing, and I know that by the simple act of journaling and photography, I can help change that for current and future generations.

Emma Sage is Emma Sage.....she is as human as the rest of us....her journey is her journey and it is to be lived and celebrated. I am doing that for her in words and photographs.

My dear friend Fran is helping by her beautiful art.............Thank you Fran!

Spring in the meadow

Emma Sage march mega


Lovin Mama said...

I love the pinky photo in your slideshow!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!