Friday, October 17, 2008

31 for 21

A conversation with Nick.

Nick is a young boy that comes to play with us after school three days a week with his big sister Cori.

It just happens that Nick's Mother had contacted me this summer [as she was referred to me by a few people for childcare]......we met and it was a good fit.

Well, lo-and-behold, I believe GODs hand was involved in Nick coming to our home. You see, Nick is seated right across from Emma Sage at their table in 1st grade. They have become good friends, and Nick is just a delight.

So on Tuesday, we were chatting and Nick says to me....

"Emma Sage is doing great at school....she always does her work and only sometimes does the other teacher have to help her"

I smile and say "Oh Nick, that is great to hear"

he continues...."and she is the most popular girl in class. Everyone likes Emma Sage and are so nice to her and she is so nice to us"

a bigger smile from me "Well, Nick, I think Emma Sage is so blessed to be in class with you and all those other children"

Nick smiles and says "Yeah, we are"

and one more Nick story.

Emma Sage had her tonsils and adenoids removed two Wednesdays ago. I usually have Nick and Cori on Wednesdays, so we had to make other Nick did not get to see Emma Sage until the following Monday.

On his own [and his Mother said he was so determined to do this and so very concern about his friend] went and got a old Rita's Italian Ice card he had [his Mother say's there is like a $1.62 left on it] but he wanted her to have something cold for her throat. He wrapped the present in tissue paper, made a little note and taped it all together.

How precious is that?

and now off to being a popular little girl. Emma Sage has a birthday party tomorrow for her friend Caroline and one next week for her friend Alexandra [the little girl on the bus].

As I look at my daughter, I realize, just as it is for all of us. Our life is the here and is the journey [it is not some off distance dream or goal....while those are great to have, they are not your life] it is the living in the is each step of the journey that is what makes our lives. The end goals or dreams are wonderful,,,,,but we need to be living and celebrating each step of the way.

So my little girl is living and celebrating and making her steps towards her dreams......

and I'm so blessed to be here watching her go.......


katrina Hintz said...

Wow, I think Emma is more popular than I was at that age!

My name is Sarah said...

Good morning Tara Marie. This is Joyce. Such a sweet story today. Emma Sage has her Nick just like Sarah has her Rocco (his photo is up on Sarah's site today). They too met in kindergarten and he remained her friend all the way through high school as I suspect Nick will. Those early bonds are so strong. Looking back this journey has been so amazing, and for every one naysayer, there have been ten supporters.

Chris said...

Nick sounds like one special little boy. How lucky for both he and Emma that they have found each other.

Judy said...

I absolutely love this story. If it is alright with you, I would like to link to it on our weblog over at WonderBrains. It is a great story of compassion that we can all learn.

Thanks for writing it.

Judy Griscom weblog

Cleo said...

Beautiful story!!!. Tara, I totally agree with you, it is such a blessing to be watching Emma Sage live and celebrate every moment of her life. :)

Pam said...

Thanks for making me smile. It sounds like Emma Sage is doing so well, and is so blessed to have Nick and a class full of wonderful friends!!

(She also happens to have a great mommy!!)

Thinking of you guys!!

JennyH said...

That is a great story to hear from one of her friends. I am sure your heart just melted!

Anonymous said...

What great friendships and a great little dancer!!! My daughter is 2 and I hope she has the same great experiences your little one is having!! Great inspiration!