Friday, October 17, 2008

and now a KING........

Senior with Down Syndrome Crowned Rocky King
By Chris Minor

Posted: Oct 17, 2008 04:23 PM EDT

Rock Island, IL --History was made at Rock Island High School's homecoming coronation when senior John Garlock, born with Down syndrome 18 years ago, was crowned homecoming king.

''They (the kids) were screaming, John, John. I was loving it'', said John.

He won the most votes from the 1,555 member student body and the crowd went wild.

John's been in the public school system in Rock Island since daycare, and it wasn't always easy.

''The battles to get him included in school, and then to have the whole student body behind him'', his mom Janis said, with a couple tears streaming from her face. ''It was heartwrenching, it really was.'' to read more

.......what a glorious fall this has been. A King and a Queen!!!!!


RK said...

I just did a post on this too...there's actually been 4 queens and 2 kings that I've found. Amazing and SO cool!!!

Cleo said...

Another wonderful story!!!. Because of stories like this one my faith in humanity is immense. =)