Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, we made it to Cabrini College [although this Momma was so very tired and was thankful I had a good co-pilot on board]

Emma Sage was so excited to see her big sister Katrina [she headed down to camp on Thursday as she is a head counselor this year] and Jenni Newbury and others who adore my little girl, showered her with hugs and hellos!

I knew that driving back home would be a very foolish thing to tackle, as I was still shaky [I had real weird light sensitivity from the Lyme's this time also] and with it being just Emma Sage and I in the car for the two hour drive home [which would have put us home sometime after 2am] I asked if there was space somewhere for us to crash for the night.

Of coarse there was.....and Emma Sage had her first 'Official' sleepover at Camp PALS

We put up this sign on our door [all the campers have their names on their dorm doors] and we lucked out as we had ordered some Camp PALS gear earlier and they had arrived at camp.

So we both slept in our oversized Camp PALS t-shirts.....

Katrina had an extra pillow and blanket and we were all set....

I was out within minutes of laying my head on the pillow.

The next morning my little Miss Sunshine was up and out and ready to hang with all the counsilors.
Here she is with Katrina's team.....

and then she would move over to Greta's group and tease her big sister....and then back to Katrina [she thought she was the Belle of the Ball]

We are heading back to Camp PALS next week and will meet up with a friend who will be up to pick up her son.

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Pam said...

I hope you are feeling better. Sending lots of hugs....

Pam and Rhett

Christina said...

Man, I would love for Kallie to go there one summer! Do you know what the age ranges are and if they have medical staff there? Kallie has diabetes to work with too so I would need someone who could deal with that as well.