Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No rest for the weary.....

I know whom they made that saying about......Mothers.

No rest for the weary, yup, that is me.

I started the antibiotics on Thursday night, and it is truly amazing how quickly they work with Lyme's. The fever and chills [I hate having chills] left quickly. My stamina regain itself slowly and it is still taking a few days for the joint stiffness and pain to lesson.

But being sick is no match for a busy Momma's schedule. So on Friday, after a day of work, I had to get Greta ready to go to graduation. She was walking with the graduating class as part of National Honor Society.

This was quite special, as her cousin Erica was graduating, and Aunt Heidi walks with the other teachers with the class [so there were three Hintzs out on the football field]

The evening was picture perfect. Emma Sage loves to clap and cheer, so she was in her element.

Greta and five friends from National Honor Society.....

Aunt Heidi and her major colors

Greta watching the seniors pass through their entrance.......I just loved that parasal in the bottom right...I wish I had thought of something like that to ask for Rick to bring home from his recent trip to China
Greta, Erica and Emma Sage.....you have to hear Emma Sage say "Erica".......she does so with the neatest little accent [it cracks us all up] she sounds like she is German when she says it.

Greta and Erica are very close for cousins........we joke that Erica lives here. She will miss her next fall as Erica heads to Rider University on a Field Hockey scholarship.

As soon as graduation ended, I packed the car and drove Greta and her best friend Sara [and Emma Sage] to Cabrini College in Radnor, PA [just outside Philly].....

so when I say 'No rest for the weary"......I really mean, no rest for the weary.

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