Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Saturday......

Rick and I had a wedding to attend. It was such a beautiful event, held just up the road at our friends father's estate. The view from the 'Four Seasons' is absolutely looks down the valley we live in ~ along the river. There were two huge white tents [like the size of a circus tent] and the catering was incredible.......and I was so happy to be feeling a bit better from my Lyme's illness.

Grammy and Aunt Heidi said that they would watch Emma Sage and Otto [or I would have brought them to my sisters about 25 minutes away].....and took them to a family picnic to celebrate cousin Scotty's high school graduation.

On Sunday, we saw Uncle Scott and he came up to me to tell me the funniest thing my little girl said.

You see, since Emma Sage was a baby, Uncle Scott has just adored her. As soon as he would see her, up in his arms she would go........

I was laughing so hard when Uncle Scott recounted what my little girl said [and made me so glad that my 'talks' to her about boundries and people is sinking in]

He goes up to Emma Sage with wide arms and says "There's my girlfriend"

to which she replies "I can't be your girlfriend, you're my Uncle!" lol!!!!!

Good thing we don't live in Kentucky! lol!! [I know, I know, bad joke!]


Miss Magic said...

Kentucky or Gatlintucky ;-), even worse in my book, bwahhhh!!! So cute!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

HEY!... I resemble (I mean resent) that remark! LOL. I live 5 minutes from Kentucky! Just wait until Nicole sees this post! LOL