Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Emma Sage has been missing her sisters, considering both of them are together in Florida. Greta and her good friend Kristen headed to Florida to visit with Katrina at college and spend Easter together....it was very strange to only have two children at home for Easter this year [pictures to be posted later].

Here are two pictures that Katrina shared with me this evening....after the girls went to Brunch [Flagler College did not have an Easter break, so many of the students stayed on campus because they had classes Friday and Monday and not enough time to travel any distance] and then they went to the beach and took some pictures.

I just loved these. It is so wonderful to watch your children grow into adulthood.......


I'll share Greta's pictures when she returns.

Emma Sage is sure missing everyone, as her Daddy is also away....in Argintina. She keeps telling me that she is first going to Florida and then to Argintina.

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Nicole said...

Beautiful photos! I hope you have all your kiddos together soon, for ES. ;)