Thursday, November 08, 2007


I love is one of my favorite Seasons.

This Autumn we have had a changing of the colors just as I remember as a young girl....where the leaves held on for a long time, rotating brilliant colors and lasting.....till today.

Last night we had a killing frost. The big Maple in front of our house was showering down golden leaves all day. It sounded like rain, as they fluttered to the ground, landing upon the leaves that have been escaping their branches little by little over the last few weeks.

As I drove the children on some errands, we watched Maple after Maple letting go of their today was the day for Maples. Tomorrow it might be the oaks or sycamores.......I tell you this fall has been spectacular.

I was out early gathering some firewood to start the stove and was captured by the show the Maple was of coarse I had to film it [I tried still, but you could not see the magic of leaf after leaf falling] so I video taped a little bit of it. You can hear my cats meowing in the back ground and of coarse my silly voice.

I just had to share this little moment of my day....

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