Monday, November 05, 2007

My College Girl

I know I have not even shared our trip to Florida, to take Katrina to College at the end of August. When I got home, a few major events were going on in my life, and sadly, I have not had a chance to post about our trip, or all the other activities we have been up to.

Katrina is loving is the perfect school and location for her. She is blossoming and living and loving life. Her classes are going well, and she is making lots of friends and having the time of her life.

If you have a moment and would like to send her a letter or card, I know she would LOVE it!!! Momma has been sending care packages [homemade cookies and Banana Nut Bread] but my letters and cards seem to get written whilst I'm reading and relaxing in bed at the end of a busy day, and they are piling up on my nightstand.

Her address is:

Katrina Hintz
Flagler College Student Box #883
P.O. Box 1027
St. Augustine, FL 32085-1027

and here she is sitting outside her dorm room........

and here is a picture I took of the back of my car and her College Sticker with all the fall leaves and colors of home [you don't get an autumn season change in I figured I'd share it with her]


We miss you Nini.....and we love you dearly.


Kat said...

Yay!!!! You finially posted about me!! hahaha!!!

I miss the fall season... but I wouldnt trade the warm sunshine and weather here for anything!!

Miss & Love you


Tammy and Parker said...

It's very bittersweet, isn't it?

Megan's got 47 said...

such a beautiful picture..who would of thought the back of car window would turn out so beautiful, I am sure your daughter will love it.
Yes, dropping kids off at college must be so bittersweet.

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl, going to school in Florida! My son is a freshman at Rutgers. I don't get to write to him, except an occasional greeting card because his dorm is exactly 4.2 miles from home! He comes home almost every weekend as a respite from the horribly uncomfortable mattress in his dorm room (and of course to visit with his beloved mom and dad!) I liked the idea of writing to a college kid. I used to love getting letters when I was at school, so I dropped Katrina a quick note. I enjoy your blog. You have a lovely family.
- Jill H.

Tara Marie said...

Thank you is bittersweet Tammy and Megan's got 47, it is also amazing how quickly our babies grow up.

Jill H....that is so sweet of you. Thank you. I went to Rutgers and we live only about 45 minutes away. It must be nice to have him able to visit often. I think the best thing about Katrina being so far way [for her own good] is that she has learned to do laundry! Thank you for visiting our blog and Happy Thanksgiving