Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Big Milestone....

Today, Emma Sage experienced a big milestone......she lost her first tooth!!!

She had a little help. She and Ben were dancing, and Ben got a little bit silly and next thing we know, Emma Sage is crying, as Ben hit her in the mouth with his foot [yes, he must have been break-dancing]

I go to her and see blood, so I go get a wet washcloth.....after we dry up much of the blood, I start to look into her mouth to see what the damage was.

Boy was I surprised when I realized her front tooth was missing.

"Did you swallow something hard?" I ask her

"No" she replies...."it fell out of me."

So we get on our hands and knees and search the shaggy rug.

We found it!!!!

I this is such a big last baby has just lost her first tooth!!!

Is she soundly sleeping with the tooth under her pillow?

No way.....she was quite freaked out about the whole 'Tooth Fairy' coming into her room and night and taking something from under her pillow and replacing it with a coin.

She has decided that she wants no one visiting her while she sleeps....

So she is sound asleep and her tooth is under a pillow on the couch downstairs [she decided the 'Tooth Fairy' was allowed to get her tooth downstairs, far away from where she is sleeping! lol!!!

A First lost tooth

Wow, that is mine?

Look Ma, it is gone

A toothless smile...


Tricia said...

a big milestone indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emma Sage!
I adore the last picture of her toothless grin! :)


SunflowerMom said...

How exciting!!! I was just telling my 5 yr old about the tooth fairy today. Hope Ms Fairy brings the big checkbook! ;)

~Melissa~ said...

I look forward to many photos of toothless smiles :)

Neurotic Att'y said...

Her first lost tooth! Not exactly the way you want to lose it, but at least it was quick!

I don't blame Emma Sage for being a little freaked out about the idea of some strange fairy creeping around her head at night. I never feared the tooth fairy myself, but I can see how the idea could be a little off-putting!

Mauzy said...

I love it! Hope her front tooth comes in straighter than my boy's!

Kim Ayres said...

Well you have to stick an eye patch, a headscarf and a big gold earring on her now! (click here for example

Betsy said...

omg - that is the most adorable thing I have ever heard!!! Too, too cute! And look at those pictures - just darling.

My mother still has a note that I left with the tooth fairy that says "please leave me two quarters this time and then next tooth is free"

lol--times were hard back then, rofl

amy flege said...

yippy. that is a huge milestone!! i hope the tooth fairy treats her well!!

Pam said...

Hooray Emma Sage!!

Cute story about the tooth fairy, and as always, amazing picutres!

She is just too cute for words.

Carey said...

Way to go Emma!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Gabi has lost MANY teeth and I am yet to see any of them. Yep she swallows them everytime!