Thursday, November 29, 2007


What is the greatest gift you can give a child?

A Memory......

A gift of a moment in time.

Last Wednesday, we celebrated with my nieces Kelsy and Fiona and my nephew Connor their Christmas Present from our family. We gave the the gift of 'A Memory'

My sister dropped the kids off in the late afternoon. We had a pizza party at my house and then we headed off to the movies to see the movie E*N*C*H*A*N*T*E*D on opening night.

I made the children up little goodie bags of their favorite candies....


and then we got 'PopCorn' and drinks at the theatre.....

and what fun we had!


All the kids loved the movie.....especially Emma Sage. She sat up on my lap,,,,at the edge of my knees and just belly laughed at all the funny scenes. She fell madly in love with Giselle and wants to see the movie again [I do too]

We then headed over to Coldstone for ice cream before we headed home.

What an amazing evening........and a gift that they will remember forever.


Anonymous said...

we saw enchanted on turkey day. it was so wonderful.

i'm sure your group enjoyed it too.


~Melissa~ said...

Can you be my mom and take me to see Enchanted? The goodie bags are so cute - it sounds like the perfect memory :)