Saturday, December 01, 2007

Down syndrome

Oh sweet, sweet child of mine
What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is a common genetic variation which usually causes delay in physical, intellectual and language development. It is caused by a triplication of the 21st chromosome, or accurately called Trisomy 21.

There are many wonderful websites on the Internet that have factual and current information on Down syndrome.

These are a few of my favorites:

National Down syndrome Congress

National Down syndrome Society

Down syndrome - Health Issues

Down syndrome Educational Trust

Riverbend Down syndrome Parent Support Group

and others [if you have a favorite site, I would love to add it to my list]

As a parent, I have researched all I can on Down syndrome [since our first prenatal 'soft marker' until now] I am always reading and learning......connecting with other parents and support groups to make sure I am aware of all that is new in the world of 'Down syndrome'

As a parent, I would recommend that exact course of action upon your child's diagnosis and always do what you believe is in the best interest of 'your' child.

I started this blog to share my daughters life with the show others the 'Normalcy of Difference'

I also wanted to note that I have never subscribed to any of the 'supplement' programs that are tauted by others [although, I do believe they have every right in the world to express their observations with others] just as I have the right to express my observations.

On that note, I did want to express that while Emma Sage has never been on a 'supplement' program, she is an extremely healthy child. She has never had a serious illness, not one ear infection and recovers from childhood 'bugs' quickly. She nursed till she was 3 years 10 months old. She began walking at 15 months and saying words around the same time. She began speaking two to three word sentences by 2 and could write her own name by three. At six she is reading at a first grade level and completing math assignments at the same level. She loves to cook and bake. She paints and draws everyday. She loves to explore the world around her and she never participated in Early Intervention.

I guess I wanted to express to others that she is uniquely her. She is not doing these things because she is on some super nutritional supplement or therapy. She is doing these things because that is what GOD has gifted her to do.

She is happy, healthy and learning about the world around her.....and that is all that matters to me.

Please research everything you can about Down syndrome, and make choices based on what you believe is in the best interest in your child. Know that all children blossom with proper nutrition, interaction, stimulation and love........and they will grow and blossom to their fullest potential given your unconditional love.

And as P.T. Barnum understood so clearly "There's a Sucker born every minute" weary of people who are to profit off of claims that are broad-brushed and overly generalized. While there are many similarities in people with Down syndrome, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' and over doing something 'good' can be more dangerous that one could ever imagine.


Kei said...

Well said. Love you lots!

jennifergg said...

Avery is our healthiest child, too. Like you, I support everyone's right to tell their own story, including stories of health and happiness!

Thank you for your wonderful blog, it's an inspriation to me, always.

Sarahlynn said...

Beautiful! Lovely!

My Ellie loves her public school so much, but if we lived nearer to you I'd be very strongly tempted to ask you to teach her instead; I so admire what you do with all of your children, and especially the wonderful work you do teaching Emma Sage.