Thursday, August 23, 2007

Life has been so very busy.....

and I have actually been taking some time away from the computer.

Summer has been wonderful.....full of many activities and lots of exploration and fun.

Emma Sage just delights in learning about the world around her.

She has been catching up on sleep......she had given up her afternoon nap a few months ago [when I started caring for a newborn] and it really took its toll on my little girl. She really needs to be well rested, or she gets herself into trouble and has little breakdowns. She also has been tossing and turning at night, more than usual. I took a look into her throat and her tonsils [they have always been huge] but are like big plums in there. So I made an ENT appointment for after we come back from taking Katrina to college.

Now that the little one I watch is getting a better nap pattern [she started coming to me when she was 3 weeks old] I have been able to sit with Emma Sage and read a few books and sing her to sleep....she has been sleeping for at least two hours and I have my bright, happy-go-lucky little girl back [not the grumpmeister that had crept into her during her 'no-nap' time.

We celebrated Katrina's graduation with a fun family and friends party. I have to upload the pictures [that my father took] as I was way to busy hostessing to get any pictures. Emma Sage had a blast playing with all the children.

We celebrated Greta's Sweet 16 birthday, and Emma Sage keeps singing when she see Greta the theme song from the MTV show [My Sweet 16]......although she does not watch the show, she hears the promos from the girls she hangs out with her sisters 24/7! This child literally thinks she is a teenager.

Greta is busy with Field Hockey [double sessions] and is a starter on the Varsity team. She is also one of the seven that is on the field in 'sudden death'. Greta has been playing field hockey since 2nd grade and is an incredible player.

Otto is playing football......yes, you read that right. I caved in. I was so trying to keep him away from football [too much testosterone.....but more the fact that every man that I know who is older and has 'aches and pains...bad knees....bad backs' always tell me that it was from old football I just wanted to protect him. Well, he came home this spring and told me that he really wanted to play. It is a great program at the high school, called Voorhess Junior Vikes Football. He is in the age bracket of 5th and 6th graders. He is loving it.....and the coaches all love him. Being a 5'6 1/2" inched 145lbs Eleven year old boy has its advantages on a football field. The real nice thing for me is the games are under the lights on the high school field on Saturday nights [and I never have anything to do on Saturday nights] and his practice's are a field over from Greta's field hockey practices so I can pick them both up at the same time.

Katrina is heading off to college in six days......she is so excited and so ready. She is packed and looking forward to this new adventure. Emma Sage, Grammy and I are driving her down next week. I am looking forward to this little 'vacation' since I have not had a real vacation in about ten years. Two days on the beach will be a welcomed break.

and that is a little bit about our very busy,,,,,,but very delightful summer.


ostertaga said...

I wish someone would "fire" me somedays! LOL..after all the carpooling and such!

Enjoy your break in FL and getting your eldest settled in! How exciting!

Sounds like you have had a fantastic summer..I have 3 in football and the two older ones LIVE for football season..the 7 year old just started and it's the first sport he has really gotten into! Give Otto a "high five" from a family of football players!


"cousin" Linda said...

Hi Tara,
Please tell Katrina "Good Luck" and "Have Fun"! I am very excited for her... to be young and filled with dreams :)
Have a great trip down to Fla.- enjoy your time, too.
Tell Janet and Doug hi!
I have some great pictures from Katrina's party..
I just can't find your email address to send them to you..
Give me a call!
love, Linda