Thursday, August 23, 2007

I swear, this child has never seen the apprentice!

But her comment to me just before bedtime tonight has me wondering?!?

I guess my little girl was not in the mood to have her Mommy direct her evening actions.

First, she was having too much fun in the bathtub and really did not want to get out.....but she was shriveling up like a prune and it was time to get ready for bed.

Then, after she is dressed and brushes her teeth [and a few complaints when I told her she could not smear tooth paste on the mirror], I tell her she has to help me clean up the mess she made in the TV room [she was baking muffins in her little kitchen and emptied out a few drawers to find the 'ingredients she needed]

At this point she looks at me and says

"I don't like you anymore.......You're FIRED"


I tell her that she can't fire me as I work for free and to help me clean up. After a few rounds of 'clean-up, clean-up, everyone do your share' she comes over and hugs me and tells me that she was 'just kidding'!!!


Katrina said...

Well she obviously gets her attitude from me, and her "just kidding" come backs from me as well... hmmm what is she gunna do without me! :(


Jessica said...

That is too funny!

Robin said...

Chloe "fires" me all the time! I tell her I should be so lucky. Like you, I was very surprised and then my older daughter told me that she learned it from the movie Cat in the Hat. Chloe is always saying quotes from movies or television. Her current favorite saying is "sweet niblets" from Hannah Montana. I tell you, I wouldn't trade that girl for anything!!! And, it sounds like you have one just like her!!


Kei said...

Where do kids get these things???? Too funny.

By the way, you've been tagged!! See the post on my blog for the rules

The Rocking Pony said...

Sometimes I wish I could be fired! haha Good thing the kids aren't in charge of that, though. Cute. :)