Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Funny little girl.....

That is what I have funny little girl.

I know I have said it before, but it is so true. This child of mine just makes me laugh and laugh all day long. She is so funny and witty.

We have been learning about our 'senses'.......the five senses in our schooling.

So, she has been very aware of everything around her and what sense she is using to tell what it is........well, we were sitting in the living room, regrouping from a night of field hockey and football.

One of the kids [I won't name names! lol!] have very loud and smelly flatulence.

All of a sudden, Emma Sage exclaims....."Hey, I used my senses. I heard a fart and used my ears and I smell a fart and use my nose!" "2 senses"

We all about died laughing. Then she gets real serious [and we are on the floor rolling] and says "I'm sorry, I said a bad word"

She thinks fart is a bad word [as I always tell her it is 'passing gas']


Traci said...

BWAHHHH HA HAAAAA! That is so funny! What a clever girl she is! Fart is a bad word at our house too!

Anonymous said...

haha funny girl!!! :) Emma Sage sounds like such a little character! :)


RK said...

Wow...that is one seriously smart cookie! That story has classic all over it. Good one, Emma Sage!

Princess Morgan said...

Oh, I needed a good chuckle. Thank yuo Emma Sage!!! You are so precious!