Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Jersey Special Olympics

On Saturday, we traveled to The College of New Jersey [Trenton State] and Emma Sage participated in her "first" Special Olympics.

We also got to watch the Gymnastics and Swimming events and Emma Sage is eager to participate in both as she gets older!! Actually, she will start gymnastics this fall.....and swimming [and yes, Momma is just gonna be busier and busier!]

What fun we had!!!!!

The program is called Young Athletes Program and it was started by a grant between the Special Olympics New Jersey and The New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. Emma Sage got an amazing kit of items to use at home and she had a blast with all the activities.

Here are a few pictures of our day.........Enjoy!!!!
Emma Sage and her instructor, Ms. Kara!

Look how high Emma Sage she ready for gymnasitcs or what? Or maybe the Rockette's? lol!!!

Katrina, Greta and Otto at the tent for the Young Athletes Program.

Waiting for her next 'event'

Listening to the directions on throwing out the 'first' ball....
Posing for pictures with all the 'Olympians' that threw out the 'first' balls in honor of Special Olympic Day at the Trenton Thunder

OK.....this child seriously cracks me up.....look at her 'moves' walking off the field. [I was taking these from the other side of the field, so they are a bit blurry].....she looks like she is ready to walk the balance beam!!!!

Special Olympic Day!!!!

Standing with Boomer

Katrina and Emma Sage........Otto also attended the game [Greta say'd home as she was having a sleepover]

Emma Sage watching the game with her new friend Jenna that she made at the games.....these two were the cutest together. We met at the tent and then we were sitting next to each other at the game....what fun!!!

Can you say "Italian Ice lips....yes, it was a cherry red Italian Ice that she ate just before this picture! lol!"

Are these two too cute or what?
and in Black and White
Watching the fireworks......Emma Sage does not like the loud bangs!!!!

Can you say....."Happy Girl!"

and a Big Thank you to Special Olympics New Jersey.....we had a magical time and look forward to watching Emma Sage participate over the years!


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

What a beautiful girl you have...and watched 20/20 and you did marvelous job sharing the truth!

kim said...

Great pictures--what a happy girl. My friend from work took her daughter to watch the Special Olympics that were held this weekend here in Washington. It was held at Fort Lewis and I am dying to find out tomorrow at work how their time went. It was HOT here this weekend which may have made some of the events a little more miserable. Thanks for sharing your Emma with us--she is a treat! :)

Carey said...

Great photos! Looks like she had a great time, and she does look like shes ready for gymnastics.

Amy said...

It looks like everyone had fun. Great photos!

Michelle said...

what great pics and how fun! I can't wait until Kayla is old enough to participate!

Are you going to be able to meet us in Baltimore on Wed, the 6th? We're meeting w/Miranda & Shaylee and Julie/Emily at Port Museum. Would love it if you could join us!

mum2brady said...

Ohh - that is wonderful TM! What a GREAT program, and it looks like Emma had a wonderful day!!! I love all the pictures!