Sunday, June 03, 2007

Throwing out the First Pitch

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Emma Sage participated in her FIRST Special Olympics this past Saturday at the College of New Jersey [Trenton State as most of us remember it......and her Grammy's Alma Mater]......New Jersey Special Olympics has a Young Athlete Program that they put together with The College of Medicine and Dentistry and what fun we had. At the afternoon events, the director asked us if Emma Sage would like to take part in the Opening Ceremonies at the Trenton Thunder and 'Throw' the first pitch.

This is the video clip I took of the most favorite moment of the whole thing is her running open arms into her big sisters arms.....what sibling love!


Shannon said...

Hey Tara,
What happened to your header? It's gone!

Tara Marie said...

Monica created it for me and it is linked to the T21online site, which is currently, so is my header! It will be back as soon as Monica has the time to fix it!

Shannon said...

Oh okay! I thought maybe you didn't I mentioned it!