Saturday, June 30, 2007

Emma Sage has a New Cousin.......

With great Joy we welcome to the World Sweet Baby..........

Wait, she has not recieved her name yet!

This morning, at 5:30 a.m. [a time that I found amazing, since that is the time that my dear Mother would arrive to work 'at the same hospital'....for over 27 years!] My Brother Michael and his lovely Victoria welcomed a little baby girl!

She was 9.9 ozs........and 21 inches long [one big girl!....I told Michael this is going to be his six footer like our sister Patti is!]

Mother and Baby are doing just wonderfully....and Ronan and Rori got to visit their new baby sister this afternoon.

Here are two pictures of Ronan and Rori and one of Emma Sage and Ronan and one of all the cousins, taken at Easter with now Mamie has 11 Great-grandchildren on our side of her family [My Dad is her oldest son]

What fun......a new baby cousin to play with and love!
Ronan and a picture of his beloved Nana
This is Ronan and a picture of his beloved Nana

Now we have to add one more!!!!

Contemplating Rori...
and Big Sister Rori!!!!

I can't wait till tomorrow to hold this sweet little bundle....and to find our her name!


Laura Q said...

Congrats on your newest family member! Can't wait to hear her name!

Michelle said...

Welcome dear baby girl! Anxious to hear your name! Congrats to all...and hugs from Elliot and I!

Marcie said...

I have to admit, I am also anxious to hear the name. The cousins all have such beautiful names. Welcome to the world!

ostertaga said...

Welcome to the world sweet baby girl!!


jennifergg said...

Congratulations! I have long-distance baby envy!