Monday, July 02, 2007

Sadie Philomena

Emma Sage's newest cousin has been named.....

and what a beautiful name it is!

Sadie Philomena

My Mothers name was Mary this is a very special name for a very special little girl.

Here are two pictures of our newest angel.....

Emma Sage meeting Sadie Philomena for the first time....and yes, those are gray hairs on my head....lots and lots of them.

Sadie Philomena and her beautiful Momma [Victoria]

We got to visit yesterday and bring a pan of lasagna [Emma Sage helped me make it....she just loves to cook]. It was so delightful to hold a little baby so brand new.


~Melissa~ said...

She's beautiful and what a lovely name!

ostertaga said...

She is beautiful..and such deep expressions on such a little face!

Congrats to Sadie's family!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Michael and Victoria! I love the name and I love her hair!!! Please tell them that I send my love and congratulations. I have some cute pictures for you from Sandy's...I will e-mail them when I get a chance.

Love, Beth Ann

Michelle said...

So very LOVELY! Huge congratulations again! Wanted to let you know also that I just gave you the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award. You so deserve it. See my blog for details! Hugs to all of you...